"Vandals Damage Auburn Hills Golf Course in Riner, Virginia"

ParallelDesk 01:43:27 PM, 27 April 2023

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The weekend at Auburn Hills Golf Club located in Riner, Virginia took an unpleasant turn as the golf course saw some heinous acts done by unidentified vandals. The course was damaged after someone rushed a vehicle onto the property causing significant destruction. The incident appears to have taken place somewhere between late Friday and early Saturday, causing severe damage to the practice green and no. 9 green. Upon arrival, the employees, who came to work early in the morning, were shocked and saddened by the devastation. The Auburn Hill Golf Club informed their followers on Facebook about the damage, stating, "Damage done last night with a vehicle (not a golf cart) to the putting green and 9 green! Plus took the flagstick. If you have any information on who did this damage, please contact us so we can have a conversation with them!" Jeff Gandee, the PGA Director of the golf course, reportedly spoke with Golf Week and shared his dismay in response to the heinous act. He stated, "I couldn't believe it when I saw the damage to the greens. I have been at Auburn Hills for 15 years and a PGA professional for the past 22 years but never seen anything like this before." According to reports, a charity event was canceled due to heavy rain in the area just a day before the crime took place. The Auburn Hills Golf Club has already suffered a loss, and this additional loss has put them under more pressure. Speaking on fixing the course, Gandee said, "We have no idea on how much it will cost to fix this damage but guessing thousands of dollars. It will take a lot of time for the grass to heal and grow back from all the stress." The green at No. 17, which could help in fixing the course, will take months to heal. "We had to take sod from the left side on No. 17, which is our largest green, and patch the damage as well as we could. We have smoothed it and rolled it, so now it’s a matter of time for the damage to heal. The area on 17 green where we took the sod from will take months to heal," Gandee added. The PGA Director felt that the horrendous act had upset the entire golfing community, not just at Auburn Hills. He added, "This has upset the whole golfing community, not just here at Auburn Hills, even people that don't play golf have commented because they realize the greens are the most important part of any golf course." It is disappointing to see such a beautiful and serene golfing property getting vandalized, and further updates regarding the case will likely follow in the coming weeks and months. The authorities have requested any eyewitnesses or people with information about the crime to come forward with the same.

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