UFC Fighter Ilia Topuria Takes Down Fan Who Wanted to be Hit with Liver Shot

ParallelDesk 12:19:44 PM, 27 April 2023

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Ilia Topuria, a 13-0 undefeated UFC fighter known for his deadly finishing abilities, recently found himself in a bizarre situation when a fan challenged him to hit him with a liver shot. It is never a wise decision to ask a professional fighter to land a shot on your body, and that fan certainly learned his lesson the hard way. A video has been circulating on the internet showing Ilia Topuria wearing a suit and putting on a boxing glove upon the fan's request. The undefeated UFC fighter then hit the fan with a vicious liver shot. While the fan initially tried to play it off, the pain was certainly too much for him to handle, and he proceeded to take a knee in an attempt to catch his breath. Topuria did not hesitate to hit the fan, and it is clear he has a track record of taking down opponents quickly. 12 of his 13 victories have come by way of finishes, eight of which were by submission and four by knockout. He has fought in the UFC five times so far since making his debut in 2020 and has won three of those five fights via knockout. Interestingly, Topuria's only time he was taken the entire distance in a pro-MMA fight was against Youssef Zalal at UFC Fight Night 179 on his debut. This showcases the fighter's skill and experience within the sport, further solidifying why it is never wise to challenge a professional fighter to a physical altercation. A liver shot can be a life-changing injury, and Dr. Brian Sutterer demonstrated in a recently uploaded video on his YouTube channel what happens when you're hit with a liver shot. This comes after Ryan Garcia's bout against Gervonta Davis, where the boxer failed to get up after being hit with a body shot in the seventh-round of the fight. A body shot from Gervonta Davis did not look very powerful at first glance, but Dr. Brian Sutterer revealed that a shot to the liver can shut down your body. He said, "Now, a liver shot is really damaging, number one, because of the delayed reaction and number two because delayed reaction is something that physiologically you can't control, that's why we saw Garcia as much as he wanted to get up he truly wasn't able to get up off the canvas. Your body really does just kind of shut down." This highlights the seriousness of the challenge presented to Topuria and why it is never wise to defy the power of a professional fighter. It also reminds us that the sport of UFC should be taken seriously and respected for the talent and skill of its fighters.

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