Struggling Angels Pitcher Jose Suarez May be on the Move

ParallelDesk 02:06:08 PM, 27 April 2023

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Los Angeles Angels pitcher Jose Suarez has had a disappointing start to the 2023 season, posting a dismal 10.26 ERA through 16.2 innings. Despite his poor performances, manager Phil Nevin has announced that Suarez will remain in the pitching rotation, albeit on a game-to-game basis. Angels fans have expressed their disappointment in Suarez, with some calling for his removal from the rotation and even the team entirely. While there is still a chance for Suarez to bounce back, it's clear that his time as a starter for the Angels may be coming to an end. Here's a closer look at three teams that could potentially take on Suarez. First, the Los Angeles Dodgers may be willing to take a chance on the struggling young pitcher. Despite his inconsistencies, the Dodgers have a track record of developing elite pitchers and getting the most out of seemingly average ones. Last season, journeyman Tyler Anderson became an All-Star under their guidance, so there's hope that they could do the same with Suarez. Another potential destination for Suarez is the Tampa Bay Rays. While ending up on a World Series contender might seem far-fetched at this point, Suarez has shown glimpses of becoming a breakout star. The Rays have a reputation for developing elite pitchers, and if any team could help Suarez reach his full potential, it would be Tampa Bay. Additionally, his poor season so far could make him a discount acquisition. Lastly, the Kansas City Royals could be a trade partner for the Angels. The Royals are in a rebuilding phase, and their focus is on developing young talent rather than winning games, making them an ideal partner for the Angels, who want to build a strong roster around Shohei Ohtani. The Royals could potentially send Aroldis Chapman to Los Angeles in exchange for Suarez, as both pitchers have been inconsistent in recent years. It remains to be seen where Suarez will end up, but it's clear that a change of scenery may be the best move for both him and the Angels.

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