Perth Influencer Scores Complimentary $6,500 Cageside Seats by Using Fake ID

ParallelDesk 12:29:19 PM, 27 April 2023

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A Perth influencer, Michael Robert Todaro, also known as MikeyT, recently made headlines for scoring complimentary $6,500 cageside seats to the historic UFC 284 event held at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia. How did he accomplish this feat? By using a fake ID. According to MikeyT, tickets to the event sold out in less than 10 seconds, leaving him unable to purchase a ticket through official channels. Undeterred, he went on the hunt for official-looking lanyards and even had one specially made for himself. The lanyard identified him as a videographer, and he wore a black polo with the UFC logo heat-pressed into the chest to pass as an event employee. MikeyT was able to breeze through security by displaying his official-looking lanyard. Once inside, he made his way to the press area, where he quickly noticed lightweight Jamie Mullarkey. Without being stopped, he made his way to the cageside area, where he saw Tai Tuivasa pull off a shoey. The influencer even managed to walk out Alexander Volkanovski ahead of the Australian's main event clash, a feat that had many fight fans scratching their heads in disbelief. However, MikeyT's luck soon ran out. He was eventually caught by event security and escorted out of the arena. He was later charged with fraud and trespassing and appeared in Perth Magistrates Court with his father and attorney Ted Dobson. MikeyT pleaded not guilty to the charges. MikeyT's antics have not gone unnoticed by the MMA community. UFC star Max Holloway took to social media to express his disbelief at the influencer's audacity. Others have accused him of tarnishing the sport's reputation and risking the safety of fighters and fans alike. MikeyT's stunt follows a recent trend of fans attempting to deceive others by posing as UFC fighters. Video content maker Cory Garrastazu and his brother recently went viral after his brother posed as a fake UFC fighter in a nightclub. The appearance fooled fans, who hilariously posed with him for pictures. While these stunts may seem harmless, they raise questions about the security measures in place at MMA events and the potential risks they pose to fighters and fans. With the UFC continuing to grow in popularity, it remains to be seen how the organization will respond to these types of incidents in the future.

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