ParallelDesk Manifesto Moonlighting Democratizing Intelligence

Srini 16 November 2022

Why Should Businesses have all the Fun ! Most businesses want to have multiple cash flow channels to derisk . Strangely the same business does not like the folks who work for them do the same. The Job contracts try to impose draconian rules and regulations to not let their employees do other jobs simultaneously. Lot of business leaders especially in the IT services space have even fired folks for moonlighting , whereas they themselves have multiple for-profit roles across organizations. Restricting talent from doing multiple things often induces a humongous amount of inefficiency and limits a person's career immensely. I have consulted for more than 60+ companies in my life so far ranging from Byjus to Twitter and I see the amount of inefficiency in each org causing lot of harm to the society as a whole. 

More often than not a person with the right skill set can solve a problem in a couple of orders of magnitude lesser time thus showing the whole high value gig economy is severely underserved especially due to companies wanting to hire full time folks. It is a problem beyond the financial inefficiency. It causes inefficient companies which suck up capital and starve other deserving companies of capital. Paralleldesk is attempting to solve this problem of talent discovery for problem solving at scale using technology. We feel this is the future of work and strait jacketing talent is the crime of the highest order affecting humanity at this point in time. To start till the time companies are not open to their employes doing multiple things, Paralleldesk will offer high value gigs anonymously to talent. If any company or talent or a talent colloborative feels they want to give out or source such work without exposing the talent identity , please feel to reach out to me with a brief at . A moonshot to give moonlighting a positive connotation. 

P.S: In the current layoff season the problem is amplified . Wishing a change to a high value gig economy soon.