New Era Cap Company Puts an End to Atlanta Braves' "Big Hat" Celebration

ParallelDesk 01:55:03 PM, 27 April 2023

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Goofy home run celebrations have been a staple of baseball games for years. From high fives to choreographed dances, teams are always coming up with new and exciting ways to celebrate when a player hits a home run. For the Atlanta Braves, the "Big Hat" celebration was their go-to method for commemorating a homer. However, the New Era Cap Company recently stepped in to put a stop to the fun. New Era is the official "On-Field Cap Partner of MLB," meaning they supply the caps that players wear during games. According to a report by WSB-TV in Atlanta, the company spoke with the league about Atlanta players using a non-New Era cap as part of their home run ceremony. The "Big Hat" was given to the team by an Atlanta Braves fan on Opening Day, and it became a good-luck charm when Atlanta won the game. It was prominently displayed as the Braves hit five homers in an April 14 win against the Kansas City Royals. However, it was noticeably absent from the dugout when Atlanta matched that feat in a win over the Miami Marlins 10 days later. New Era reportedly warned the Braves about using the hat as part of their dugout festivities, and the team has since discontinued their use of the prop. News of the "Big Hat" dismissal infuriated many Braves supporters. Atlanta has been raking in home runs, and the "Big Hat" was becoming a welcome sign of the team's successes. Many Braves backers that have been watching games recently report that the oversized hat is still alive and well, hiding in the Atlanta bullpen. But many would-be cap buyers are promising to boycott New Era until they decide to stop being the fun police. While New Era is the league's on-field cap partner, the dugout is not technically on the field. And what about all the other teams that use some form of headwear as a prop to celebrate home runs? The Marlins use a large straw hat, the Los Angeles Angels use a samurai-inspired ceremonial headpiece. What is New Era's prejudice against the "Big Hat" when these other teams are free to adorn their homer-hitting heads however they see fit? Several immediately began looking for a loophole in the "Big Hat" embargo. The loss of the "Big Hat" hasn't meant losing many more contests for the Atlanta Braves. As of the start of Wednesday's games, they are still tied for the best record in the National League. Whether they continue to find new and exciting ways to celebrate their home runs or not, one thing is for sure - baseball fans everywhere will be keeping a close eye on New Era's involvement in the game.

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