Jared Gordon Doesn't Believe a Rematch with Paddy Pimblett Makes Sense

ParallelDesk 01:58:38 PM, 27 April 2023

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UFC fighter Jared Gordon recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of a rematch with Paddy Pimblett. During his appearance on The MMA Hour, he commented on Pimblett's injury and his own desire to remain active. Gordon mentioned that he isn't interested in running it back despite many believing he won the fight. Pimblett recently claimed that he beat Gordon even with an injury. He said: "Paddy 'The Flabby', who just had ankle surgery, is saying he doesn't know when he's gonna come back. He's probably gonna blow up to some enormous weight, and then what he's gonna come fight me, who's been active? I've been active, you know, and I'm gonna stay active." Gordon also responded to Pimblett's video in which he talked about him after his surgery. He said that it was odd for Pimblett to mention him while in the recovery room of the hospital. Gordon believes that Pimblett wants a rematch with him and is being salty. Despite Gordon defeating Pimblett on the Verdict Scorecard and it not being close, there is speculation about a possible rematch between the two fighters once Pimblett returns to the octagon. However, Gordon doesn't believe a rematch would be a big enough fight to warrant a main event spot and would pass on the offer. "The only way it makes sense for me is if they [the UFC] give me some big spot, which I doubt they'll do cause it's not worthy of a really big spot...It's not worthy of a London main event or co-main because there's so many guys from over there that deserve it more than him," said Gordon. It remains to be seen whether the UFC will attempt to book a rematch if Pimblett is cleared to return sooner and if there is a growing demand from fans to see the fight. For now, Gordon will return to action this weekend for the first time since fighting Pimblett. Despite a controversial decision at UFC 282, he is focused on remaining active and taking on new opponents.

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