Dwyane Wade cites LGBTQ+ laws as reason for moving family out of Florida

ParallelDesk 01:53:48 PM, 27 April 2023

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NBA legend Dwyane Wade recently sat down with reporter Rachel Nichols and opened up about his decision to move his family out of Florida. One of the biggest reasons he cited, according to a tweet from NBACentral, were the laws affecting the LGBTQ+ community. "I have to make decisions for my family, not just personal, individual decisions," Wade said. "I mean, obviously, the tax (situation) is great. Having Wade County is great. But my family would not be accepted or feel comfortable there. And so that's one of the reasons why I don't live there." This is not the first time Wade has been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community. His daughter, Zaya, came out as transgender in 2020, and Wade has been supportive of her decision. It is also important to note that Wade himself retired in 2019, and his jersey number has since been retired by the Miami Heat organization. Wade brought three championships to the Heat and was an All-Star for multiple seasons. He was one of the NBA's most recognizable players during his career, behind probably only Kobe Bryant on the list of best shooting guards. He was the first to win a championship among the top stars in his draft. Together with Shaquille O'Neal, he gave the Heat franchise a championship in 2006 as a rising star. In the 2010s, he teamed up with LeBron James and Chris Bosh to add two more to his collection. He came close to winning MVP in 2009, but lost out to his close friend and future teammate, James. After winning three titles, his legacy with the Heat was secured. He ended his career on his own terms and has earned his place in the Hall of Fame. Wade's decision to move his family out of Florida highlights the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ acceptance and equality in certain states. It is important for individuals to use their platforms and speak out in support of marginalized communities, and Wade's decision to do so is admirable.

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