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"Jewish School in Montreal Targeted in Gunfire for the Second Time, Incidents Met with Condemnation"

ParallelDesk | 06:21:44 AM, 14 November 2023

"Colts' Victory over Patriots Intensifies Speculations on Bill Belichick's Future"

ParallelDesk | 06:20:47 AM, 14 November 2023

"Intensifying Probe into Biden Family Raises Concerns, as Rep. James Comer Issues Subpoenas."

ParallelDesk | 06:19:37 AM, 14 November 2023

"New York City Mayor Eric Adams Under FBI Investigation over Allegations of Unusual Intervention in Turkish consulate Building Dispute"

ParallelDesk | 06:18:35 AM, 14 November 2023

Annual Snowfall Predictions Revealed: Southern U.S., Great Plains Could Expect More Snow, Reports NOAA

ParallelDesk | 06:17:18 AM, 14 November 2023

"Five U.S. Service Members Perish in Eastern Mediterranean Sea Crash - President and Defense Secretary Mourn"

ParallelDesk | 06:16:13 AM, 14 November 2023

"Texas A&M Dismisses Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher Amid Another Playoff Miss"

ParallelDesk | 06:15:14 AM, 14 November 2023

"Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Lakes Beckons for a Memorable Journey into Unspoiled Wilderness and Cultural Richness"

ParallelDesk | 06:14:16 AM, 14 November 2023

"German Artist Gergely Dudás Challenges with New Autumn-Themed Puzzle"

ParallelDesk | 06:12:36 AM, 14 November 2023

"New England Patriots in Tense Game Against Indianapolis Colts, Future of Head Coach Under Scrutiny"

ParallelDesk | 06:11:31 AM, 14 November 2023

"Former NFL Player Chad Wheeler Found Guilty on Domestic Violence Charges; Sentencing scheduled for December 2021"

ParallelDesk | 06:10:39 AM, 14 November 2023

"Bleu Royal": Rare 17.61 Carat Blue Diamond Sells for a Whopping $44 Million at Christie's Auction

ParallelDesk | 06:09:42 AM, 14 November 2023

"Age Issue" a Consistent Concern in President Biden's Polling, Warns Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod

ParallelDesk | 06:08:25 AM, 14 November 2023

"Transportation Police Seek to Identify Suspects After Racial Disputes in London Amidst Anti-Israel Demonstrations"

ParallelDesk | 06:07:15 AM, 14 November 2023

"Wisconsin City Official Allegedly Discourages 'Religious Decorations' in Public Buildings over Holidays"

ParallelDesk | 06:06:02 AM, 14 November 2023