Zoconut , Executive , Inside Sales

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Job Description

About ZoconutWe are on a mission to make quality wellness services accessible to everyone by helping and empowering wellness professionals to build a global online reach efficiently with improved customer experience.We believe in1. Democratizing quality healthcare: Quality healthcare is hard to get. When a passionate and knowledgeable professional or business gets the required tools to compete with incumbents and cut through the noise, it levels the playing field a little bit. It inspires several others around them to collectively make a large impact.2. Building a large profitable business: We envision building a capital,efficient, large profitable business to achieve our mission of democratizing quality healthcare. This means less dependence on investors & more ownership with the team. We are one of the few profitable Indian SaaS startups building Value SaaS.3. Employee Wellness <> Customer Success: We give as much importance to each team member's personal & professional success as much as we care about our customer's success. We believe it's all about balance.Our impact so far,> 2500+ professionals empowered,> 200,000+ patients impacted,> 100,000+ health plans created every month,> 97%+ retention rate,> Growing team across India. Currently 25 members.OpportunityZoconut is looking to hire an Account Executive to close new sales. In this role, your goal is to help Diet & Nutrition Businesses understand how to improve their consultation practice using Zoconut. You will be handed marketing qualified leads that are generated through various inbound & outbound channels, and you will be responsible for handling that relationship until they sign a contract. Once they sign a contract, customer success will take over and help them succeed.While most of the sales happen remotely over Zoom, you will also have opportunities to represent the company at various conferences around India and US along with meeting potential customers and selling in,person.Our ideal candidate understands solution selling and has at least 1 year of B2B software sales experience (either as an SDR or as an AE) to SMB,mid,market customers in North America.This role is based out of our beautiful Noida office. Most of your teammates will be in Noida but many are also spread across India.Compensation1. Total Salary: Rs. 12 lakhs per annum (on,target earnings)2. Base pay: Rs. 8 lakhs per annum3. On,target Commissions: Rs. 4 lakhs per annum (uncapped commission structure means you can earn more if you exceed your quota)4. Commission rate: 1.5% of total contract value5. Accelerated commissions (2.5% of TCV) each quarter once you go past quotaBenefits1. Insurance: Includes coverage for self + immediate family.2. Unlimited vacation. Yes, you heard it right! 3. Stock options after 12 months, based on performanceWork TimingsPlease be aware that the only market you will be selling into in this position currently will be the US. So you are expected to work during US hours , 4 PM to 2:30 AM IST (approx)Work LocationWe expect all the team members to work from the office in Noida from the beginning of 2022. Requirements1. KPIs , Number of new deals closed, $ revenue added, an opportunity to closed,won conversion rate.2. Handle qualification calls for new marketing qualified leads , Identify if the prospect's BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, & Timing) are in line with our expectations. It's critical to empathize with the prospect and make sure their goals are aligned with our service.3. Handle product demos for sales,qualified leads , Show them how Zoconut can solve their challenges and achieve their goals. You'll also present pricing, according to their requirements.4. Handle all further conversations from product questions to contract negotiations after an opportunity is created to eventually close the deal and hand it over to the customer success team.5. Nurture all the marketing qualified leads in your pipeline with high,quality follow,ups.You will be supported by the rest of the team whenever you need assistance. Eg: if there are deep technical questions, an engineer can join the call with you. If there are questions about the product roadmap, a product manager will join the call. If you need help with negotiating a contract, the CEO will join the call with you.6. Identify insights and pain points from conversations with prospects, and contribute to the product roadmap by providing active feedback to the product team.Skills & Experience1. 1+ year of B2B software sales experience (either as an SDR or as an AE) to SMB,mid,market customers in North America. For anyone with over 5 years of experience, this role won't be suitable for your career growth.2. Excellent written and verbal business communication skills.3. Ability to learn quickly. Eg: learn the product, learn the market, learn solution selling methodology, etc.Personality traits1. Fun & confident personality. Loves to meet new people and build relationships.2. Pays great attention to detail, loves taking notes, and maintains discipline with CRM.3. Highly motivated to work at a scaling startup.4. Proactive with actions, but patient with results.What will a typical quarter look like?1. By the beginning of the quarter we'll come up with the targets for the quarter, in terms of the number of new deals closed, and $ revenue added.2. Based on the targets, you will prioritize the right leads to maximize your pipeline and close more revenue.3. You will participate in weekly deal reviews along with the CEO to discuss and get tactical advice to drive closure.4. In the last two weeks of the quarter, we'll start working on goals for the next quarter.What will make you successful in this role?1. First and foremost, you need to be good at building rapport with prospects. Relationship building is very critical to being successful as a salesperson in this market. They need to first trust you before buying anything from you.2. You need to get really good at solution selling. Our product is not a commodity with simple features. You need to be able to connect the customer's needs, don the consultant's hat, and provide the right solution to them. That's half the sale. You need to develop a good enough understanding of the product and the market to be effective at this.3. You need to have zero hesitation in picking up the phone and calling someone in the US. This is just a mental block if you haven't done it before.4. Educational institutions are not the fastest moving organizations. You need patience but you need to be proactive in nurturing the prospect to succeed in this role.5. You need to be resilient, be ready to face rejections, and still keep going. Without an intrinsic motivation to perform well and constantly improve, this is a hard job. It will take time to succeed.6. You need to be disciplined and good at multi,tasking. When you have many leads in your pipeline at any time, prioritization & context switching become critical skills. Otherwise, it's easy to get overwhelmed.If all of this sounds exciting to you, join us for an exciting and fulfilling ride at Zoconut!