Zippy Fitness , Cofounder , Engineering

  • 6-9 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

A confession before we start:We didn't know what metaverse meant but we were working on it much earlier than the term emerged in the tech vocabulary. But what we knew from day one was , that metaverse or its derivates do hold the promise of once,in,a,lifetime mega opportunity to redefine categories; and Zippy is right at the center of this trend. About Zippy:Zippy is building a metaverse for runners by combining the principles of deep,tech and game,tech. Let's unpack that a bit:Humans started running around 2 million years ago for survival. Fast forward to the modern era , running is the biggest sports,fitness regime for people worldwide and treadmills are the largest selling exercising equipment.Around 60M Americans alone run on the treadmills (indoor runners) annually; while treadmills score high on convenience and controlled environment; there is a reason that treadmills are known as dread,mills as they are boring and monotonous.At the same time , 50M Americans participated in some format of Marathon (outdoor run) in 2017; however regular marathoners,outdoor runners miss out on running days due to outside weather conditions, traffic situations or just that running outside requires some amount of planning.To solve this , Zippy is building a metaverse for runners where runners run in an on,demand, immersive, safe, enjoyable environment and connect with fellow runners across the globe from the comforts of their homes.About Role: (Gurgaon, India)We are past our MVP and have already concluded private beta. Initial feedback from private beta encourages us to look ahead and plan for 'General Availability' version. To enable this , Zippy is looking to onboard a 'tech co,founder' who will own end to end responsibility of engineering which includes elements of Game Design, Game Development, Mobile App Development (iOS,Android), BLE Protocols among all,things engineering.About Person:, Entrepreneurial with massive sense of ownership and passion to execute a global category creator in B2C space, Demonstrated 0 to1 execution of engineering roadmaps of scalable products with global community following and massive user concurrency, Relentless passion for building best in class user experience and functionality from India, for world, 7,10 Yrs of experience as 'Engineering Leader' in Gaming Industry (AAA) or consumer internet space, Hands on with coding , app development , game development, Can handle ambiguity , demanding environmentBenefits & Compensation:, Ground,floor , high impact opportunity to create a massive B2C fit,tech category in metaverse space, Partner with A+ team members , who want to bring their best game to work every day and create outsized impact, Compensation: Cash + significant ownership in company which could result in multi,million $ liquidity