Zeta , Solution Architect , Loans Domain

  • 15-20 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Solution Architect , Loans As a Solution Architect, your roles and responsibilities will span the following:, Liaising with banks , Liaising with senior leaders in banks to comprehend and understand how banking technology solutions work for their product lines and help solve their use,cases., Liaising with product teams , Liaising with various product and program managers of Zeta to assess the cost and scope of changes a solution under consideration may require and to arrive at feasible, optimal approaches for all business requirements., Functional mapping , Functionally translate and map the business domain to a technological solution domain. While doing this, the solution architect would also leverage her deep experience and background from the domain of Banking., Identify constraints , Highlight any long,term risks that may originate as a consequence of design or architectural choice made in the overall system design leading to an incomplete solution mapping and propose enhancements., Requirements specifications , Define and document functional and non,functional requirements, integration and feature specifications, phase releases, and solutions to translate the functional mapping to Zeta's product landscape. Ensure that the requirements specifications are defined and delivered unambiguously for the engineering teams to develop and deliver the software. , Implementation , Manage the delivery of solutions while highlighting corner,cases where the implementation may be lacking. Be the point,of,contact for functional queries that would require domain,specific context to help unblock the team. Work with UAT teams to ensure the comprehensiveness and correctness of the delivered solution. , Communicating with internal stakeholders , Describing the structure, characteristics, behavior, and other aspects of the software to project stakeholders.What are we looking for in the candidates?, We are looking for folks who bring deep domain expertise and knowledge, are entrepreneurial in nature, thrive under ambiguity, and have excellent communication skills. For the current role, an ideal candidate will have the following, 15+ years of experience in the banking industry, Expert level knowledge of retail loans and commercial loans, A track record and experience of building and shipping great software products in the banking industry, with at least 5+ years of software development experience, Excellent problem,solving skills with an ability to reason about trade,offs, Excellent written,verbal communication and interpersonal skills especially with senior leadership at all levels, Excellent project management skills with past experience dealing with product managers, engineers, technical program managers, senior leaders, Keeps customer needs at the forefront of priorities and takes action to provide high quality solutions,services that exceed their expectations, Quickly adapt to multiple changing work demands and priorities by adjusting style and tactics to fit the new circumstances, Connects the dots and information across the organization to leverage the best of Zeta's technologies, expertise, and solutions, Quickly recovers from setbacks or failure by viewing as a lesson learned and trying again, Can be based out of Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune offices. Remote till further notice