Univ.AI , Data Science Consultant

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Job Description

About Univ.AIThe InstitutionUniv.AI is a live, online institution for AI and Data Science that enables driven and motivated learners to become the world's best AI Engineers and Data Scientists. Our curriculum is designed by professors from Harvard University and UCLA and delivered through live, high,intervention learning. The Consulting ArmUniv.AI's consulting team works with clients around the world on Machine Learning and AI projects. Our highly qualified team of Machine Learning and Data Science consultants are put through rigorous training prior to their joining. Past areas of work include healthcare, insurance, travel & transport, and oil & gas exploration.The Data Science Leaders Program (DSLP)IntroductionThe Data Science Leaders Program gives high,achieving candidates a chance to get a top,tier Data Science or AI job without any prior experience in Data Science. Step 1Get your offer letter, Selected candidates receive a job offer from Univ.AI with gross compensation ranging from 15 to 35 lacs per annum, Step 2, Train with top faculty, Candidates pursue our Master ML & AI program with professors from Harvard & UCLA on 100% scholarshipStep 3Get assigned to projects, Upon successful completion, you are assigned to client projects in Data Science and Machine Learning, indicative salary rangeImportant Dates & Deadlines, Application deadline: Sep 05, 2021, Training program start date: Sep 19, 2021, Job start date, : Jul 1, 2022 , Sep 1, 2022, The exact job start date will depend on your progress in the training program. You will start earning your compensation as per your received offer,letter once you begin your job. What you will be doing?After completing the training program, you will join Univ.AI's marquee team of Data Science and AI consultants and start working on state,of,the,art machine learning projects with clients from around the world. These projects span a diverse set of industries and applications. Your work will involve applying Data Science & AI to solve our clients, unique problems in diverse domains. Past areas of work include healthcare, insurance, travel & transport, and oil & gas exploration.Some key responsibilities , Design, architect & operationalize machine learning algorithms, Deploy & manage data science models in production, Build and deploy portable, scalable machine learning workflows, Work with technical and business teams to architect digital products that deliver insights, predictions, and optimization outcomes, at scale, Work alongside global counterparts to create and deploy machine learning enabled solutionsRequirementsFor College Students, Students must be in their final year of a bachelors, or masters, program from a reputed college or university, Enrolled in Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics (STEM) and related programs including Economics and Statistics, An excellent academic track record, Demonstrated leadership skills and teamwork, for example, through group projects and internships, Proficiency in mathematics, statistics and python programmingFor Working Professionals, STEM, Economics and Statistics graduates from reputed institutions, 1,5 years of experience, Candidates with work experience in reputed companies, nonprofits, international organizations and startupsHow to apply?Complete the application form Submit the application testSelected candidates will be called in for interviews and final offers will be made by Sep 15, 2021