Udaan , Program Lead , Design , Supply Chain Process

  • 2-5 yrs
  • $ Not Disclosed / YEAR

Job Description

Purpose of the job: Improve the processes for the respective assets to improve key goals of improving the overall utilization, cost, service level metrics, and reliability and work with the product team to synthesize the process and drive their implementation.Must,haves: Advanced Excel, SQL, Problem Solving skills, Analytics skills, Understanding of Supply Chain Operations Essential Responsibilities and Duties:Process and product design:, Improve the processes to achieve the critical goals of improving the overall utilization and service level metrics., Bring in process and product changes to reduce costs and defect rates in the processes., Break the problems into smaller parts and look for solutions from both product and process points of view., Program and manage the asset tech charter quarter on quarter to ensure new capabilities are being built to support the evolving business use,cases., Design specific functions in different areas and the layout of the assets by looking at the service level,cost level metrics., Monitor the product metrics once the concerned product is in place and reduce losses in the asset by introducing new processes., Explore, assist, and manage pilots during capability building of a use,case.Standardization of products & processes:, Standardize the processes in each asset via product or standard operating procedures for operations applicable to different processes., Solve the problems in the assets by productizing things and standardizing products to ensure improvement in the overall accuracy, excellence and making the processes lean and cost positive., Standardize the physical asset design through layouts and appropriate material handling equipment (MHE) procurement.Stakeholder management:, Liaise with the Operations teams of different assets to understand the key product,process,related problems the ground teams face and provide solutions on how their efforts can be minimized., Discuss with the Category, Functional, and Business Operations teams how the numbers can be improved and understand the problems faced on the supply,demand side., Coordinate with the Product and Tech teams to build the product solutions, give key recommendations, discuss the problem areas, and collectively decide the solutions and deploy them., Liaise with the Supply planning team to discuss and improve the productivity of the assets.Cost Optimization:, Reduce the overall cost by improving different metrics like utilization, productivities of a collective set of activities, items per person, etc., Develop networks that operate at minimum costs., Ensure the cost structures are well within the budget,AOP plans., Identify new metrics to reduce the costs further by algorithms or cross,functional initiatives.Capability Building:, Design specific capability projects to see how things flow from one place to another and plan the overall footprint., Restructure the current supply chain for more flexibility and fulfilling the requirements., Interact with the vendors, suppliers, buyers, etc., to achieve project,related goals., Work on launching new verticals, agile goals, new service requirements.Performance and Reliability Metrics Ownership (N,W Design):, Track and monitor the actual metrics for speed, cost, etc., vs. the designed metrics, understand the variance between them, and find ways to improve them.Speed Optimization: (N,W Design):, Establish the TC,TC Connections, TC,LH vehicle connections and ensure that the vehicles don't have spillovers,, Liaise with the Category stakeholders to understand the speed requirements for various categories and find ways to minimize the loss of speed between the supply chain assets through cross,functional coordination.