Job Description

1. Dealing in FCYINR & FCYFCY Non Deliverable Contractsa. Act as cover desk to Axis India to capture onshore,offshore arbitrage opportunities.b. Capture arbitrage opportunities between Over the counter and Exchange Traded (2 exchanges at GIFT City) Non Deliverable c. Act as cover desk for customer businessd. Act as market maker for other banks2. Execute daily treasury trades as part of IBU's treasury strategya. FX Spot & forwards , Prop trading in G7 currencies, banking book hedging & customer businessb. Money Market , placements and borrowingsc. Investments , Securities for LCR, banking book and trading (India credit and USTs)d. Permitted Derivatives , FX & Intt Rate deriv. for trading, hedging and customer business.3. Adherence to Regulatory & Internal limitsa. Calculation and Monitoring liquidity and other positions vis,, , vis limitsb. Taking all actions required to maintain all exposures and positions within limitsc. Putting up note for ratification of breaches, if any4. Monitoring and managing funding requirements of the IBUa. Preparing intra,day funding sheet on a daily basisb. Updating borrowing placement sheet on a daily basisc. Arranging funds at a competitive cost, as and when requiredd. Investing surplus funds to get best possible yield within risk appetite5. Coordination with other business segments and external counterpartiesa. Work as a team with other business segments at Central Office and other regions as well as overseas branches of Axis Bankb. Coordinate with customers and other counterparties to develop new and nurture existing relationships6. Formulation and Review of Policies & Manual and CPDa. Contribute to formulation of new policies & manual and review of exitingb. Remain abreast of evolving regulatory guidelinesc. Proactive involvement in knowledge sharing with other teams at office7. Assisting and Functional Reporting to Head, Treasury under the overall supervision of the CEO, GIFT City Brancha. Ensuring adherence to all laid down Norms, Regulatory Guidelines & Compliance Requirements. Overseeing the maintenance of proper Systems & Controlb. Attending to all Internal and External audit reportsc. Generating and providing all Treasury related MIS required to all internal and external stakeholders