TransOrg , Business Head , Pickl , AI & Data Science Education

  • 5-10 yrs
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Job Description

About Pickl Pickl is an education product born to cater to education needs of the post,COVID era. We are re,imagining 'learning' that is less instructor centric (and instead student centric), more flexible (to suit the post,COVID ways of learning), and delivered in a way that is closely aligned with the lifeways of the Gen,Z. About the role This is the role of a Business Head. You are the P&L head of Pickl and must be accountable for the survival, growth and decay of the business. This means you have a crisp understanding of what is a resource, an opportunity, a threat, an accelerator, or a retardant to your business. What this need is the landscape awareness of where you are executing, navigate with focus on what you have set yourself out for and constantly alter as the surroundings change. We are looking for someone who can ask relevant questions in an uncharted territory, who can formulate problems and identify right people to solve them, who can formulate a detailed strategy (mutable and sensitive to the macro changes) and layout an execution plan for it. The person works with a focus and have conviction to say no to things that fall outside the scope of the strategy. You would enjoy this role if you1. are an ex,entrepreneur (even if you failed) and are ready to take up another risky bet in a sandboxed environment. 2. have been a Chief of Staff of a growing tech start,up and now want to step up your own game. 3. have been an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) of in a growing start,up and have clear sense of why you failed or succeeded in your role. 4. are a product manager having a strong leaning towards and awareness of GTM (Go to Market) dynamics.5. come from a GTM background but do not consider product and tech function alien to your professional persona. Personality traits of an ideal candidate for this role 1. You are someone who adds value to all the interactions with the stakeholders as opposed to someone who acts as a hasty arbitrator without investing himself,herself in the details of the issue. 2. Someone who can articulate and express exactly how you want (irrespective of the reality of the moment). 3. Someone who can exude a sense of confidence and continuity (even if you are personally feeling otherwise in that moment) in the team who looks up to you.4. Someone whose thinking is modular , meaning you modularize your thought process and a trouble or exuberance in one module does not affect the other module disproportionately. Skills we are looking for, , 5+ years of work experience. , An entrepreneurial experience would be preferable over any degrees and titles., Quick prospecting about issues, independent and firm thought leadership. , Dexterity at formulating problems and identifying most feasible solutions. , Familiarity with data science and analytics. , Experience in managing people, inspiring juniors, managing stakeholder relationships. , Prior B2C experience would be great. About the companyTransOrg Analytics is a decade of specialization in Machine Learning and Big Data consulting. This role in question is positioned in the products team of TransOrg. Among others, Clonizo is the flagship of TransOrg and is poised to be a forerunner in the arena of Machine Learning in the coming years. Pickl is the education division of TransOrg Analytics ( us at https:,, for details