Job Description

Scorecard for the role Campaign Manager MISSION The mission for this role is to achieve the campaign goal KPI defined in the plan and mutually agreed with the client.PRIMARY OUTCOMES 1. CAMPAIGN PLANNING Prepare a campaign plan to achieve the campaign goal KPI and take the sign off on the same by the client2. CAMPAIGN TRAFFICKING Traffick execute the campaign plan in Advertising platforms with predefined KPI goal set as a campaign performance goal and deliver the KPIs that were planned (& agreed)3. CAMPAIGN SYNCHRONIZATION Maintain Daily Weekly communication with POC as well as Internal Team to highlight changes in campaign goal KPI and shared campaign dashboard with the client.4. CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION Build Learning framework by documenting the changes done for achieving the campaign goal KPI and record the impact of each change in the project management tool.Job Description Build digital marketing roadmap & proposals involving DV360 for clients which include awareness & acquisition campaigns, remarketing campaigns, app installs and video branding, etc. Creating different ad tags floodlight tags in CM DV360 for tracking campaign conversions, audience activity and integration of different platforms to import export audiences and conversions. Collaborating with other internal teams to get the implementation of tracking mechanism completed Perform client account management responsibilities associated with display TrueView video search campaigns by structuring campaigns, IOs, Line Items, ad groups on DV360 CM Google Ads platform Monitor account daily and monthly with respect to budget caps, campaign pacing, lost bidding, impression share, and other important account metrics to carry out optimization strategies Provide support to the creative design team with ideas for creative copy and graphical ad templates including VAST, Rich Media, HTML 5, static display creatives Communicating with clients POC to keep the campaign achievements in sync with the predefined goals Generating relevant reports at three stages of the campaign Before, During and After Campaign Auditing the advertising account and find gaps in existing structure and targetingCompetencies Communication Follow Ups Energy Initiating Action (Initiative) Planning & organizing Applied Learning Impact