Senior Security Analyst

Who is Infinite Ranges?

Lil’ ol’ us? Oh, pshaw. Thanks for asking! 

We’re a team of hyper-specialized DevSecOps experts based in Austin (and around the country), who have already partnered with some of the biggest products in tech, who also thwart hackers the world over.

Now imagine that group of people, but also a version that’s all dressed up in superhero costumes and totally awesome. 

Incident Response. Red-teaming. AppSec. Modern IT.

We do all of it. 

Or, to describe us in a way you could tell your parents: “We suggest tech solutions. We make tech solutions. Then, when we’re making solutions we suggest more solutions. It’s a whole thing, Dad. Upward spirals of making businesses more and more secure."

Anyway, above all that, we’ve built our company thinking culture-first. We want fighters who are positive, savvy, and smart. Because at the end of the day, Infinite Ranges is a group of misfits who pride ourselves on working hard and playing hard, but most of all rewarding each other for our successes.

You can — and should — learn more about us at!

Note: The exclamation point is not part of the URL.

We are looking for a Senior Security Analyst with 10+ years-experience in cybersecurity to include leading or being part of an incident response team. This will be working on a 1-2 year contract onsite in NYC. If you're looking for a long term role in Cybersec helping build out true prevention, come check this out.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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Full Time
80 days ago

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