Job Description

Job Description: Senior Data Analyst Education :, At least a graduate (Data Science, Data Analytics, Engineer, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics or any other related quantitative field)Work Experience :Overall: 6 years or more(most recent role) Data Analyst or Data Scientist: 3 years or morePeople skills :, Experience of managing a team of at least 2,3 people, Ability to independently drive the team towards the planned goals, tasks, Ability to take the team along on a strong growth trajectorySkills, Knowledge :Must haves:, Good conceptual knowledge of Data Warehousing concepts, Created or contributed (minor contribution is also acceptable) to creation of, at least, one data warehouse model, Familiarity with Relational Databases and schema, Worked on creating BI Dashboards , Reports, Basic analytical and critical reasoning skills, Excellent critical thinking skills, combined with the ability to present your beliefs clearly and compellingly, both, verbally and in written form, Strong analytical and problem solving skills, Good and quick with basic mathematics, numerical calculations, percentages, ratios and proportions, Sound conceptual understanding of fundamentals of statistics, Good data investigative skills i.e. ability to ask a series of sensible questions to draw strong conclusions from any data at hand, Ability to prepare, transform data into desired format to meet analysis goals, Ability to present data (e.g. summaries, tables, statistical measures, model results) in an easily digestible, coherent and actionable formatGood to have :, Knowledge of predictive modeling, Ability to independently create high,impact dashboard outlines, wireframes, Knowledge of APIs, JSON file structures, Knowledge of Data Pipeline, ETL process, Familiarity with NoSQL Databases, Columnar Databases: Cassandra, HBase,, Document Databases: MongoDB, Couchbase, Key,value stores: Redis, MemcacheDB, Graph Database: Neo4j, Prior exposure in learning domain, Tools: knowledge of analytical tools, packagesMust haves:, Ability to work hands,on with SQL queries. MS Excel or Google Sheets, advanced knowledge, Good at making presentation using Powerpoint, Google Slides, Hands,on exposure to a at least one programming language Hands,on experience with either R or python for analytics, fundamentals need to be clear; detailed knowledge not essential, Analytics R using: R software, RStudio IDE, Analytics Python using: jupyter notebooks, anaconda, miniconda, Hands,on working experience with BI tools, (any of) Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle BI, Good to have (plus point), hands on experience with:, Google Data Studio VBA :, Python, Jupyter notebooks, Google Cloud Platform, Google Big Query, Operating SystemGood to have :, uses,used Linux OS (e.g. Ubuntu), done analytics, used analytics tool (e.g. R, RStudio, python, jupyter notebooks, anaconda, miniconda) on Linux OS (e.g. Ubuntu)