Samsung , Regional Supply Chain Management Role

  • 6-12 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Job Description : Key Objectives : , Minimizes sales opportunity loss and cost in supply chain by operating strategic supply forecast considering the lead time based on market demand analysis., Improves demand operation level of sales subsidiaries by complying with rules & processes of supply management and maintaining optimal inventory for distribution., Maximizes SCM (Supply Chain Management) operation efficiency by building mid, and long,term resource management strategy through in,advance,discussions regarding mid, and long,term demands.Key Tasks : , [Market demand analysis] Performs market demand analysis for each segment and model group by analyzing factors (economic trend, marketing plan, launch of competitive product, etc.) which influence market., [Operation by securing supply quantity of key materials] Performs selecting key materials and operating them in the system to stabilize supply for mass production of new models., [Demand management of sales subsidiaries] Performs discussion on demand quantity with the related sales subsidiaries and plans the guide for strategic decision makg of the business unit. , [Launch of new model and EOP (End of Production) management] Prepares strategy operating 4 cycles of period (introduction, growth, maturity, and decline) from new model launch to EOP., [Optimal inventory operation] Performs establishing sale & supply plan for surplus and shortage of inventory to maintain optimal inventory level for distribution in the market and sales subsidiaries., [Mid, and long,term resource management planning] Participates in establishing Mid, and long,term resource management planning for preparing long term delivery materials and facilities by discussing the demand for mid, and long,term period (4 to 6 months) in advance.KPIs :, Primary & Secondary Sales Forecast Accuracy, RTF Exception Rate, Demand Consensus, Ageing & Obsolescence stocks %, Material Availability