Risk Analyst , Portfolio Management , BFS

  • 1-3 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Job Description :, Managing multi,asset class funds in line with client guidelines, internal investment policies, and regulatory constraints., Develop investment judgment and expertise, with expectation of being able to perform key portfolio management responsibilities within a few months after joining., Trading across asset classes (equities, fixed income, currencies, alternatives) and instruments (futures, forwards, ETFs, options, swaps, funds)., Working closely with other MAS teams to execute strategic and tactical investment ideas with consistency and scale, including determining optimal instruments to trade based on fund,specific, regulatory and market, related considerations., Be a part of front,office risk management team and contribute to monitoring, evaluating and managing risks and opportunities of the underlying investments., Creating investment and portfolio construction frameworks across asset classes, enhancing expertise in terms of investment alternatives., Managing portfolio risk across various investment vehicles and product desks, including exposure, currency and cash management, investment manager,vehicle oversight., Structuring trades across asset classes to manage the portfolio in line with hedging and flow considerations, in collaboration with GSAM's trading desk., Managing derivative,based overlay strategies to enhance risk management profile of overall portfolios and,or capture market risk premia., Reviewing new portfolio design and investment strategies for investor suitability, with specific focus onour ability to effectively manage and implement such funds and strategies., Providing PMR's review on new portfolio activities, investment proposals, trading and risk management processes.