Rebel Foods , Chief of Staff , Launcher BU

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Job Description

About the Role :Mission:Play a pivotal role in helping the Rebel Launcher team reach its short term and long term goals by driving focus on key charters with Launcher Business Head & Co,founder (Ankur Sharma) https:,,,in,ankur,sharma,42482a14, Scope , OKRs , KRAs:Same as that of the Launcher team , everything that moves the Launcher team forward on its short term and long term priorities. It will be about finding the biggest priorities and ensuring , enabling execution on those. It will be as big or small a job as you make it. It will depend on how deeply you are thinking about the team and the company, and what problems or opportunities you are identifying as the biggest needle movers. Accordingly, the efforts would enable you to be ready for a business leadership position in due course.Specific work buckets:1. Business results that get us to profitability by Dec'22, Profitability enhancing projects , Initiatives: Identifying and executing on unobvious but big levers in the P&L, Quarterly OKR tracking: Building the OKR trackers in before each quarter and close monitoring of these, Budget tracking: Help build the quarterly budget and tracking the input metrics to deliver the budgets, Identifying other short , medium term cross functional projects that move the needle on revenue, profits and CX, and getting them executed, Helping the Launcher team become more data,driven in all decisions and actions, through building a 'war room' which monitors key metrics through daily , weekly , monthly dashboards and reviews the same with the Business Head's core team2. Improving Demand,side, Seeding New Business ideas: Imagining new opportunities in a customer first way that will become very big in size in the next 2,5 years, and seeding them, Consumer insight studies around brands , other aspects to have a neutral view on how we are doing in the eyes of the customers, Identifying ways to optimize key demand,side costs such as discounts and performance marketing through external benchmarking and pilots with the distribution team3. Improving Supply,side, Helping build world,class operations through deep,dive into core issues and building potential solutions, Percolating automation , technology in every aspect of the business: Finding scalable tech answers to big problems, Culture Building: Running Customer first initiatives , "customer first" meeting, Customer flywheel meetings, voice of customer sessions4. Routine, Being in all Ankur's reviews and manage key outcomes of these meetings, Kitchen visits in concern cities to understand core issues, Ad hoc analyses , industry , competition , country, Helping solve customer issues and employee issues that come to Ankur, Interviewing candidates and check for Culture, Take specific meetings on behalf of Ankur and debrief5. Thought Partnership, Questioning Ankur's ideas, Coming up with new important problems to solve and solutioning, Coming up with new important unobvious opportunities , short term or long termKey Points to note:, Role is unlikely to be super,structured and there will be elements of unforeseen firefighting, just like those in the lives of any entrepreneur trying to build a fast,growing business., While some things will be fluid, the objectives will really be the same as the Launcher Business Head., Success metrics and KRAs would be completely aligned with Launcher Team's quarterly and annual objectives and the execution of overall strategic priorities., Compensation will include fixed pay and variable pay (linked to KRAs)., The role will be largely in the capacity of an individual contributor.Your chances increase if you have the following:, MBA from a Tier 1 institute with 1,2 years of work experienceAbout Rebel Launcher :Launcher is the first of its kind business model wherein we empower the success of brands across food missions by providing them access to an ecosystem of services , kitchen infrastructure, supply chain, last mile, culinary expertise and much more to help them scale in a profitable manner. What this means for their business is hyperlocal reach across 50+ cities in the country.We leverage and maximize the true potential of what we have built over the years, since our inception in 2012 and are set to fuel the next biggest revenue channel for Rebel. Read more about it here:https:,,,@jaydeep_barman,rebel,launcher,2,0,entrepreneurs,wanted,9d91fa2a53da Over the past 18 months, businesses all over the world have either adapted or shut shop. At Rebel Foods we were well positioned to take advantage of the catastrophic events that played out. Going out to grab a meal became a no,go and ordering in became the go,to.As the pandemic continued to play out, the Launcher model took shape. The model allows brands to occupy space in our kitchens for a fixed monthly fee, utility charges and no other hidden outgoings. We have more than 25 brands ranging from delightful food start,ups to global majors to iconic Indian brands , such as Wendy's,Slay Coffee in India, Naturals Ice Cream, or Holy Cow Curry Sauces in the UK , growing on the network. This gives us the ability to play across all customer food missions , occasions through the same infrastructure base. This way, we have completely changed the way restaurant businesses are built and are channelling our efforts globally for building restaurants on the internet.https:,,ankur,,the,slay,story,9bf761c56ed6About Us:We are surrounded by the world's leading consumer companies led by technology , Amazon for retail, Airbnb for hospitality, Uber for mobility, Netflix and Spotify for entertainment, etc. Food & Beverage is the only consumer sector where large players are still traditional restaurant companies. At Rebel Foods, we are challenging this status quo as we are building the world's most valuable restaurant company on the internet, superfast.The opportunity for us is immense due to the exponential growth in the food delivery business worldwide which has helped us build 'The World's Largest Internet Restaurant Company' in the last few years. Rebel Foods' current presence in 7 countries (India, Indonesia, UAE, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh) with 15 + brands and 3500+ internet restaurants has been built on a simple system , The Rebel Operating Model.While for us it is still Day 1, we know we are in the middle of a revolution towards creating never seen before customer,first experiences. We bring you a once,in,a,lifetime opportunity to disrupt the 500,year,old industry with technology at its core.We urge you to refer to the below to understand how we are changing the restaurant industry before applying at Rebel Foods.https:,,jaydeep,,how,to,build,1000,restaurants,in,24,months,the,rebel,method,cb5b0cea4dc8https:,,,faasos,story,winning,the,last,frontier,for,consumer,internet,5f2a659c43dbhttps:,,,faasos,story,a,unique,take,on,food,tech,dcef8c51ba41The Rebel Culture:Finally, but most importantly, Rebel is not a usual workplace. The following slides will give you a sense of our culture, how Rebel conducts itself and who will fit into the company. Please go through it before you make up your mind. It's not everyone's cup of tea.https:,,,JaydeepBarman,culture,rebel If you find this interesting, we should meet. Please answer the following questions :1. Why do you want to join Rebel Foods?2. What makes you the right person for this role?3. One example of where you created something unique through Customer First Thinking.