Raksha Foundation , Manager , Animal Welfare Centre

  • 3-4 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Raksha Foundation ( RF) aims to protect, love, care, and provide for needy animals and underprivileged children in Mumbai. For the aforementioned purposes, it plans to build rescue centers for animal welfare and centers which facilitate the education and empowerment of underprivileged children in Mumbai.Over the span of the next 10 years, RF envisions building 10 Animal Welfare Centres (, AWC, ) across Maharashtra and Gujarat.An RF AWC will cater to stray, unsterilized, non,vaccinated, hurt, physically distressed dogs and cats for them to be sterilized, vaccinated, and healed to recovery.Job Description for the Manager of the Animal Welfare CentreThe position of the Manager at RF's first AWC is integral to operations and is required to oversee and manage all aspects of the animal welfare center including the layout of the center, animal population, staff and volunteers, and all external relationships. The Manager will maintain a safe and healthy environment for animals, staff, and the public and create a structured team environment dedicated to the excellence and success of the Animal Welfare Centre. I) Roles and Responsibilities:The key roles and responsibilities of the Manager would be as follows:1. Management of AWC:, Operate and manage the center in its best capacity and transform the center into a self,sustaining AWC., Ensure smooth running of the day,to,day operations of the AWC., Responsible for executing the entire project of the center,right from the layout of the center to the operation of the entire center. 2. Ensure Animal Care:, Bring in technical expertise and knowledge to set a benchmark of providing best,suited treatment to animals at the AWC., Examine animals and check their health status; Diagnose illnesses and determine the best treatment., Advise pet owners on nutrition, preventive healthcare, and general care., Conduct locality,home visits, in case of an extreme emergency., Effectively use all available resources to provide the best possible patient care to animals treated,handled by the center., Ensure adequate stock of required supplies are available and stocked.3. Supervision and Administration:, Supervise maintenance and proper storage of supplies and equipment. Analyze and monitor depletion rate of supplies and equipment and provide necessary guidance in the requisition to replenish needed resources., Plan and organize all veterinary administration and personnel activities. Assist in selecting administrative and professional team members. , Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and laws. , Adopt suitable strategies as well as communication that will build awareness and support for the AWC., Organise camps, conferences, seminars, and other activities for promoting the initiatives taken by the center. Organize campaigns (sterilization, adoption, vaccination camps) across the city to extend help to remote areas which lack even basic care for animals. This will also help to achieve brand awareness in different zones., Assist in raising funds and creating a self,sustaining center in the long run., Arrange and provide for cleaning, security, health and safety, and maintenance of the center., Work with RF to create, implement, monitor, and evaluate annual work plans that identify specific objectives, project budget, case projection, and activities of interest to both parties for operating the center., Make all strategic decisions with respect to the animal welfare center only in consultation with RF. , Communicate with RF at the earliest opportunity any challenges (strategic, financial, governance, etc) that may affect the existing or planned activities either now or in the future.4. Financial Management:, Responsible for developing budget estimates and revisions utilizing knowledge of the functions and requirements of the center., Prepare annual, monthly, and quarterly reports and financial statements., Draw on expertise in the determination of business projection analysis and review.II) Skills and Knowledge Required:, Understanding of the animal health care system and the ability to coordinate and control programs and resources., Requires ability in problem,solving., Demonstrates initiative and self,motivation to follow through on all responsibilities in a timely manner. , Strong communication, leadership, and motivation skills. Ability to direct, guide, and assist a group of individuals including effectively solving problems dealing with staff conflict to personnel issues and performance., Critical thinking , Understanding logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems., 3,4 years of supervisory experience is preferred.III) Limitations:, The Manager shall not take on any joint or individual projects regarding animal welfare and should work exclusively with RF., In case there is some conflict of interest with the running of the center and the manager during the tenure of the contract, the Manager shall communicate the same to RF and RF and Manager shall mutually decide on the options to proceed.IV) Bonus:If the Manager and RF agree, the Manager can be appointed as RF's Head of the Animal Welfare Department and be in charge of more RF AWCs.V) Remuneration:INR 50,000,70,000 depending on the years of experience.Website: https:,,,Instagram: https:,,,,?hl=en