QualityKiosk , Demand & Supply Manager

  • 5-8 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Demand Supply Manager is accountable to strategize and execute the Demands of the Business on timely basis by identifying different sources to Fulfill the Requirement. These demands can be fulfilled internally, externally incl. contract and subcontract resources. He,She is responsible to track the Resource Utilization, Billing and Resource,Job Rotation. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE :, Working in the technology,enabled space in IT, BFSI, Telecom industry, 5,7 years of active experience is Supply Chain Management , Excellent with negotiations regarding Vendor Management, Collaborate with Stakeholders both Internal and External, Excellent analytical skills including expertise in statistical data analysis and modeling., Knowledge of the principles, processes and standards for demand planning, financial analysis, and reporting. , Strong hold on MS Office tools (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint), Strong compliance and ethical behavior (Zero Tolerance), Good Interpersonal SkillsKEY RESPONSIBILITIES :, Create and maintain Demand and Supply Workforce Plan as per Business and Client Specific Requirements, Identify various Sources for Demand Fulfilment, namely : TA, RMG, Sub Contracting, BridgeLabs, IJP, TechGig etc., Fulfil Demand as per Forecast within Timelines and the Allocated Budget, Track Resource Utilization, Billing and Resource Rotation, Ensure certified resources are placed as Client requirement, Create and develop ways to Forecast Future Demands, Proactive Workforce Plan inclusive of Attrition, IJP, Role change to maintain the balance between the Demand and Supply Chain., Ensure the average tenure is maintained for all projects and Business runs uninterrupted. , Oversee daily operations of the planning department as they analyze customer and vendor demand along the supply chain., Publish Resource Utilization dashboards, Should have an innovative mind,set to identify improvement opportunities to optimize processes, decrease costs and increase client value. , To participate in leadership teams and strategic and business planning by contributing an overall supply chain planning perspective., Collaborate with Internal and External Client to understand their challenge areas and propose solutions to fix the same.REQUIRED COMPETENCIES :, Inventory & Data Management: Ability to create and track Resource Utilization, Billing & Resource Rotation. , Analytical Skills: Ability to collect and analyze information and present it in a structured way for easy understanding for e.g., proactive Hiring forecast and Resource Utilization dashboards etc., Budgeting & Forecasting: Ensuring the Demand and Supply forecast is tracked, maintained and accurate at all times., Negotiation: Negotiate contracts with suppliers and customers., Stakeholder Management: Ability to connect with Internal and External Stakeholders to understand and fulfil their requirement., Vendor Identification: To identify and coordinate with various vendors for Demand fulfillment within the stipulated time and allocated budget. , Process Improvement and Adherence: Ensure compliance to the set standards,norms to adhere to quality standards and other compliance norms. , Communication skills: Good communicator and the ability to make complex solutions presentable in a simple and easy to understand language. , Problem Solving Skills: Should be able to listen and work with internal and external stakeholders to fully understand their requirements and propose fulfilment plan, Technical Understanding: Ability to understand technical requirements , Ability to work as ONE team: Operate as a team and not in silos.