Project Leader - Technical (C# .Net)

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Job Description

Timing: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

About the Company :

Vagaro develops all-in-one business management platforms and powerful online marketplaces for the salon, spa and fitness industries. More than 123,000 professionals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia use Vagaro’s cloud-based software to manage all aspects of their operations and to market their services to local customers. We are one of the largest companies in the industry, with more than 55,000 salons, spas, yoga studios, gyms, etc. and more than 123,000 professionals in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Experience: (10+ Years)

Job description:

include an ability to lead and motivate people and encourage teamwork, an ability to communicate effectively with senior management, and a clear vision of what determines a successful product for the customer and for the company. In addition, the Project Manager must have a technical background sufficient to understand the technologies and technical issues involved with the product, to be able to anticipate and identify critical technical obstacles, and to make accurate technology decisions.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Define the project management process to be applied to the project.
  • Select team members and, if cross-functional as the Core Team Leader, select Core Team Members.
  • Prepare project plan and obtain management approval of the project plan.
  • Assure that all team members understand their roles and accept their responsibilities
  • Apply project resources according to the approved project plan.
  • Analyze risk and instigate avoidance activities. Establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibility for initiating corrective action.
  • Track and report on progress to plan.
  • Analyze the actual performance against the plan and make adjustments consistent with plan objectives.
  • Keep all stakeholders informed of progress and issues.
  • Involve functional expertise in design reviews and key decisions as well as risk strategies.
  • Assure timely adaptive action is taken.
  • Manage change to preserve business plan commitments. Initiate Phase Review if objectives must change.
  • Negotiate the performance of activities with team members and their managers.
  • Establish and publish clear priorities among project activities.
  • Coordinate management and technical decisions.
  • Arbitrate and resolve conflict and interface problems within the project.
  • Provide input on the performance of project team members to their supervisors.

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