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Job Description

Cloud Collaboration Technology Group (CCTG) offers industry leading audio, video and web conferencing capabilities that help facilitate compelling, productive and cost effective conferencing experiences. CCTG also offers Cisco Jabber, which enables you to access presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing capabilities all from a single unified client with an easy to use user experience.< p>

思科云协作技术集团(CCTG)是一个年销售额约10亿美元的业务部门,主要开发基于云的协作软件解决方案,是思科协作解决方案的核心部分,持续致力于改变未来的协作体验终端用户。我们的协作解决方案包括:在线会议,培训与技术支持服务,大型线上活动,虚拟会议室等等。< p>

CCTG的业务是协作市场公认的行业领导者,吸引着行业顶尖人才。我们不仅在目前的产品线中维持创新,同时也为未来不断变化的市场开发创新和颠覆性产品。通过API和生态系统建立下一代云平台,我们持续提供切实的业务成果,帮助客户实现长远成功!< p>

Within the Cisco Webex, the Project Management Office acts as the hub for all information relating to projects. The PMO also supports project governance by introducing PPM guidelines and best practices and encouraging their adoption by the organization. We are looking for a senior project manager to join the project management team. Work with the various teams on the project to drive the project and help us successfully deliver WebEx products to our customers.< p>

在思科Webex中,项目管理办公室是与项目相关的所有信息的管理中心。项目管理办公室还通过引入PPM指导方针和最佳实践来支持项目治理,并鼓励组织采用它们。我们正在寻找一名资深项目经理加入项目管理团队。与项目的各个团队合作,推动项目,帮助我们成功地将Webex 产品交付给我们的客户。< p>

Responsibilities:< b> < p>

  • Facilitate scrum activities and coordinate project delivery, including planning, execution, retrospective and continuous improvement< li>
  • Found and escalate the project risks< li>
  • Work closely with related teams to resolve blocking issues< li>
  • Promote process adoption and simplification&automation to improve product quality and team productivity< li>

    工作职责:< p>

  • 促进团队活动并协调项目交付,包括规划、执行、回顾和持续改进< li>
  • 发现并及时汇报项目风险< li>
  • 与相关团队密切合作,解决阻塞问题< li>
  • 推动流程采用和简化以及自动化, 以达到提高产品质量和团队的生产力< li>

    Requirements:< b> < p>

  • Rich Experience in IT project management and keep on project management< li>
  • Familiar with Agile knowledge< li>
  • Good written and oral Communication skills in English< li>
  • Self motivated and ambitious< li>
  • Creative problem solving skills< li>
  • Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills< li>
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and strive to achieve long term goals< li>
  • PMP and CSM is preferred< li>
  • Experience in large scale project management or data management is preferred< li>
  • c c++ or Java programming skill is preferred< li>

    要求:< b> < p>

    Education Background:< b> < p>

    Computer science, Information systems, Information management, Mathematics, or equivalent< p>

    教育背景< b> :< p>

    计算机科学、信息系统、信息管理、数学或同等教育背景< p>

    Location< b> :< b> < p>

    Hangzhu, Qianjiang xincheng< p>

    Hefei, Gaoxin district< p>

    工作地点:< p>

    杭州,钱江新城< p>

    #LI APJJS1< p>