Polysomnographic (PSG) Techologist

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Job Description


Position #:  6565


  • Reviews patient's physical and mental limitations, current emotional and physiological status regarding the test procedures. Reviews pertinent medical and social history to determine testing parameters/procedures in conjunction with the ordering physician or medical director and center protocols. Reviews all patient information and physician orders and contacts the physician as needed in order to obtain clinically relevant data.

  • Documents all recordings as evidenced by departmental documentation tools and no requests for additional/missing information from interpreting physician or scoring staff.

  • Explains routine pre-testing, testing, and post-testing procedures and ensures that patient understands test/care plans.

  • Documents complete patient medical history, pre and post patient calibrations, flow volume loop calibration, Q-30 notes, and clinical events for each procedure according to sleep center procedure.

  • Applies scalp electrodes according to the 10-20 system of electrode placement and applies other electrodes and recording devices. Checks impedances and ensures accurate patient recordings. Prepares and calibrates Capnography, Oximetry, Respiratory Inductance Pleythsmography, and (PAP) Positive Airway Pressure equipment to determine proper functioning, makes adjustments as evidenced by accurate signals on the patient record.

  • Utilizes recording montage, obtains a high quality recording by recognizing artifact and taking immediate steps to eliminate it (or document the reason why artifact could not be eliminated). Recognizes sleep stages, seizure activity, EEG/EKG waveforms and apneic events. Identifies significant events and adjusts CPAP pressures. Documents technical notes routinely pertinent clinical events.

  • Completes PAI testing ordered by a physician. Performs artifact free, and documented MSLT/MWT recordings. Checks impedances and maintains tracing quality (especially chin EMG signal). Initializes and downloads Autoset, overnight pulse oximetry, Actiwatch actigraphy and PLMS actigraphy equipment ensuring applicable testing protocols are utilized.

  • Performs patient equipment checks and PAP mask fits ensuring proper fit and settings. Documents and reports findings to interpreting physician. Performs, downloads, and scores interpretable adult portable cardiorespiratory recordings and provides a technical report.

  • Utilizes recording montages and parameters for seizure and parasomnia studies. Performs delivery of CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure) ensuring patient comfort and compliance as evidenced by resolution of sleep disturbances (arousals, apneic events) and oxygen saturation levels and no requests for repeat titrations.

  • Performs delivery of Bi-level positive airway pressure ensuring patient comfort and compliance as evidenced by resolution of sleep disturbances (arousals, apneic events) and adequate oxygen saturation levels and no requests for repeat titrations.

  • Scores polysomnographic recordings and generates reports for physician interpretation. Performs  sleep stage, arousal, limb movement, cardiac dysrhythmia, and respiratory disturbance scoring. Completes documentation, manages and archives recordings to ensure proper patient data management.

  • Completes technical and administrative tasks to ensure efficient and effective department operations within established guidelines.

  • Performs routine maintenance, detects equipment malfunctions, troubleshoots, makes minor repairs and reports major problems. Maintains work areas and keeps equipment clean and in working order. Assists in the maintenance of center databases and participates in patient support group and community education activities.

  • Oversees non-registered technicians and trainees in all aspects of their duties ensuring quality, accuracy, and completeness or recordings.



  • High school diploma or GED.

  • Graduation from a CAAHEP accredited certification or associae degree program preferred.

  • Minimum eighteen months supervised training in polysomnography or six months polysomnography training in addition to two years related allied health field experience (including but not limited to EEG, Respiratory Therapy, Cardiology)

  • Polysom Technologist license - NJ.

  • RPSGT or RST

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