Job Description

Providing long term, mid term and short term vision to the SBU. Translating the expectation of principal organization and cascading to the SBU team to secure their buy in

Ensuring that the SBU is constantly aligned with the organization's goals and mission including financial goals like top line and bottom line

Encouraging and supporting innovation to stay competitive in the market

Ensuring interdepartmental harmony within the SBU

Achieving the top line and bottom line objectives of the organization, in a manner that shall add to goodwill of the organization

Ensuring optimum resources by way of money, manpower, machinery, technology, material etc. for timely and economic basis and of superior quality

Representing the SBU to the principals in critical cases.

Custodian of organization's culture, motivation and engagement level of employees

Grand custodian of human and material assets of the organization responsible for motivation and productivity

Responsible for optimum utilization of resources including funds that are generated, directed towards achieving organization's objectives

Chair the bi monthly sales inventory and ops planning meetings to review the short term and mid term demand

Custodian and guarantor of the monthly flash

Ensure customer expectations across various channels are met on Quality, Delivery, and Cost

Leads monthly management review meetings with the HODs for the lessons learned from the previous month on QDC parameters

Technical Skillset

Sound knowledge of the production process

Fundamental knowledge of statutes such as HR compliances, requirements of Company Act

Reasonable finance sense

Role Plant Head

Location Pune

Qualification Engineering Graduate

Experience 20+ Yrs