OpsMx UI UX Designer Photoshop Creative Suite (7 10 yrs) Bangalore Hyderabad (UI & Design)

  • 7-10 years
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Responsibilities for UIUX Designer Improve the look and feel of interactive computers and product software Create overall concepts for the user experience within a software product, ensuring all interactions are intuitive and easy for customers Design the aesthetics to be implemented within a software product, from the layout menus and dropdown options to colors and fonts Build storyboards to conceptualize designs and convey project plans to clients and management Account for and track the humancomputer interaction (HCI) element of a design Conduct testing of completed applications, websites and software to Assess user experienceQualifications for UIUX Designer 7+ years of demonstrated experience in creating and implementing UI design for software products Proficient with visual design programs such as Adobe Photoshop Ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment to create topperforming interfaces Experience creating storyboards and website mapping Advanced problemsolving skills and the ability to optimize data for the best possible outcome Ability to prioritize and manage multiple milestones and projects efficiently Professional written and interpersonal skills Continued education and research into UI trends and current design strategy and technology Experience with coding and ability to troubleshoot using HTML, CSS and comparable languages

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