Multimedia Developer

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Job Description

MediaMonks is looking for a Multimedia Developer to join our ever-growing team.  In this role, you will design, create, manipulate and tailor graphics, images, sound, animation, video and text to create integrated multimedia programs for clients. You will combine design skills with technical knowledge to develop relevant, meaningful and strikingly awesome fit-for-purpose designs across multimedia formats.  You will be able to interpret a client brief, prepare design concepts, produce digital collateral, create short videos, and other marketing and company materials.



Key Responsibilities


  • In this position, you’ll be responsible for creating a suite of multimedia design as part of a fast paced, global team. 

  • You’ll help to shape experiences and websites by bringing fresh ideas to the table, putting a spin on content and interaction ideas to elevate the experience to new heights.

  • You propose additions and adjustments that will contribute to the commercial and creative goals of the project.

  • You’ll produce high-quality deliverables such as detailed wireframes, event flows and prototypes, shaping these from scratch as well as completing those already in the works.

  • You have a well-developed understanding of grid systems, colour theory and typography, and can tie each of these elements together with obsessive attention to detail.

  • You make sure all designs are in line with the project’s objectives and client expectations.


Background & Skills


  • You have experience working as a multimedia designer at a high, international level.

  • You speak English fluently

  • You know Sketch, Google products and the Adobe Suite like the back of your hand.

  • Your Photoshop/Sketch skills are so slick, they look photoshopped; and you also know how to organize your files, layers and folders neatly, even if you’re a creative mess outside of Adobe CS.

  • You can create clear decks that effectively communicate your thinking and help stakeholders to make decisions.

  • In our line of business, there’s a little surprise around every corner, but with your creative problem-solving skills you can tackle each and everyone of ‘em.

  • You’re fascinated by how people interact with technology in practice.

  • You’re knowledge about interaction and customer-centric design.

  • You’re always up-to-date with the latest (design) trends and innovations.

  • You’re meticulous in your process, and have an eagle-eye for detail.

  • Last but not least, you are a true team player with very likeable social skills.


Become a Monk

At MediaMonks, you’ll be joining a highly ambitious company on a global mission to become the best production partner in any field and market. With offices all around the globe and 4,000+ Monks and counting, we’re leading the industry through integrated teams who create great, relevant work with purpose at scale and at speed.

We are an equal-opportunity employer committed to building a respectful and empowering work environment for all people to freely express themselves amongst colleagues who embrace diversity in all respects. We want everyone to feel free, real, safe and be respectful of others.