Job Description

Role Mission:Manage the MIS reporting and analytics through Tableau to help team optimize their efforts and keep track of the unit financial and project health. You will be working with Regional Account Director, Project Management and Operations team to build Data dashboards that can provide visibility and insight on MIS.This role is right for you if : You love crunching data and developing easy to understand and intuitive dashboards. Love to deep dive and derive trends and insights.Responsibilities :Primary responsibilities include ensuring quality data structures for the analysis of data, use of proper statistical analyses through Tableau. Gather information from different data sources.Take sourced data and provide actionable insights to specific client queries:, Interpret Data , Interpret the data, and analyze the results , Identify exceptions , Collaborate with project owners on corrective measures for identified exceptions , Maintain data integrity , Develop reports: Conduct a full lifecycle analysis of all WIP projects by location.Weekly WIP Reporting Pack: Weekly WIP , A global dashboard that reflects the full YTD estimated revenue: , By Location , By Project Status , Tracks Week on Week Variance , Tracks target achievementReductions and Additions: A summary of projects by location that represent the value of the Week on Week variance reported in the WIP , Global Missing PO report , An exception report that flags any projects in the system where work has commenced but a PO has not been received , Revenue Graphs , A full year visual representation of the project values, statuses and target tracking per month per location Monthly MI Reporting Pack A summarized snapshot view of Key Performance Indicators: Total YTD projected revenue vs Annual TargetVarious ad hoc reports based on customer specific requests. Identify Trends Scrutinize the data and identify any new developing trends, or track current trends Present results graphically Skills Required :Analytic tools (Zoho,Tableau etc) , MANDATORY, Analytical thinking , Strong mathematical and statistical abilities , Advanced Excel , Team Collaboration , Good time management and Organizational skills , Understanding of ERP system and previous MIS reporting experience will be a plus.