Medical Superintendent Medical Administrator Clinical Administrator Hospital Administrator

  • 18-20 yr
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

A Medical professional with at least 15+ yrs of experience. Fluent in Tamil is mandatory

Act as first point of contact for communication, interpretation, and implementation of Clinical Management decisions

To take charge of the Hospital from medical services point of view and successfully control & monitor it in terms of planning, designing & developing of medical facilities in the Hospital units

Organize clinical Governance structure of the Hospital

Facilitate communication, interpretation and implementation of Management decisions regarding Hospital working to Medical, Paramedical and Nursing staff

Review the Hospital Medical operations in response to changes in customer demand, identification of scope for improvement

Ensure adequate Medical Paramedical Nursing staffing round the clock

Interact with Medical Officers Registrars Consultants HOD's of each area and identify various requirements and admin related concerns issues

Update Head Medical Services regarding any issues in the Units and suggest solutions as well

Liaise with Marketing to organize various Medical camps and arrange for specialty Doctors, technical staff, and nursing support accordingly

Coordinate and support HR in Medical and Paramedical Recruitment & Training

Follow up of daily reports from the various departments

Provide inventory management guidelines to the Consultants of the concerned departments and also perform periodic audits

Assist in internal audits of the concerned areas and help in implementation of audit reports

Identify requisite clinical registration with the Government authorities and ensure compliance with the same

Handle patient grievances and complaints

Supervise day to day operational and administrative aspects of Hospital working