Medical Billing ERA Enrollment Team Lead/Manager - Work From Home

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Job Description

Vericle is a rapidly growing Health IT and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service company. We are looking for a full-time self-motivated, driven, and experienced ERA Enrollment Team Lead to build and grow an ERA service for about 1,000 medical billing service clients.   
Manage and Direct ERA Enrollment Process

Work with RCM Team Leads to identify and prioritize enrollment requests 
Identify and troubleshoot enrollment process delays and errors
Set up monthly, weekly, and daily goals for individual and team productivity, and quality 
Direct, delegate, and verify daily work for each team member
Build quality assurance processes for flawless enrollment submission and completion 

Build and Maintain an Enrollment Management Team

Participate in the ERA team member hiring process by interviewing candidates
Build candidate skill-testing surveys
Perform timely and constructive team member performance reviews
Train your Team Members
Maintain meritocracy and determine the monthly Profit-Sharing Award for the members of your team

Prepare and Post Periodic Reports

Enrollment backlog aging report by RCM pools and payers
Enrollment department revenue
Individual and team productivity and quality

Manage Enrollment Team Production

Complete provider enrollments with Medicare / Medicaid and all Private Payers.  Set up all ERA and EFT enrollments
Perfect provider experience and achieve the shortest turnaround time
Perform complete payer network research, verify provider’s credentials, and provide accurate timelines and open panel availability
Send clients a complete checklist of all the documents required to file the ERA enrollment applications.
Complete out of network enrollments and NPI registrations on the payer’s website for providers who choose or are forced to stay out of network
Follow-up regularly and frequently on enrollment application status until the contract comes through.  
Set up and maintain CAQH / PECOS  

Manage Team’s Knowledge Base 
Create and maintain Standard Operating Process (SOP) ManualsDocument and disseminate solutions at weekly team meetings 

Team management experience
Five years experience in US-based AR follow-up, Insurance, and benefits verification with hands-on experience in Credentialing and ERA Enrollment
Familiar with US medical insurance industry and insurance claims processing requirements
Experience in closely working with various clearinghouses and medical billing software
Understand CMS-1500 and UB-04 claim formats
Excellent listening, communication, and problem-solving skills
Self-motivated and able to work autonomously
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
College degree 


High comfort level working on Eastern Time Zone/US Shift
Good internet access at home
Mobile Hotspot
Laptop/Desktop of at least 8 GB