Magic Bus , Director , Impact , Livelihood

  • 18-25 yrs
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Job Description

About Magic BusFounded in 1999, Magic Bus works with children and young people living in poverty, in India, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. We equip children and young people in the age group of 12 to 18, with the skills and knowledge they need to grow up and move out of poverty. Children on the Magic Bus programme successfully fend off destabilizers such as child marriage and child labour to complete school and become first,generation salary earners having secure careers in the organised sector.Our youth,centered Livelihoods Programme connects the aspirations and potential of young people to available market opportunities. We build their employability skills and map job potential based on individual strengths and mobility. We work with support structures like parents, teachers, the community at large and local government institutions to ensure social, emotional and economic well,being for all young people living in that area. Our approach mobilises the entire ecosystem available to the child or young person to create transformational change in their lives.Current ContextMagic Bus today impacts the lives of 4, 50,000 adolescents and more than 40,000 youths directly and thousands of families indirectly. Our Programmes have brought in a paradigm shift for the many families who earlier were constrained by financial compulsions, cultural norms and other adverse living conditions.While our efforts could bring school drop,out rate to below 5%, child marriage is slowly edging for extinction in the communities where we work. We envision ourselves playing a significant role in touching lives of 1.6 million adolescents and 3, 00,000 youths directly via our Childhood to Livelihood programme by the end of 2023. Like us, many great organisations are today more than willing to invest their trust in our programmes and philosophy and partner with us in realising this dream of ours as well as more than 4,00,000 families.We feel that being of service to needy is the biggest opportunity that an organization like us can even find and here, we have seized it. We wish to transcend nations and enable thousands of lives in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal who are reeling under poverty escape its vicious cycle.As we grow, each individual assumes a higher level accountability. In this context, we seek to strengthen the evaluation process as well as knowledge management of the organization. The Chief , Impact would provide strategic leadership to the research, monitoring and evaluation domain which form integral part of the knowledge vertical (Program Development) at Magic Bus.Specific tasks and responsibilities , The role would be responsible to mentor and inspire the Impact Function and create an escape,velocity via long term capability development as well as upgrade research and development, Ensure that the data generation and analysis conform to the sectorial benchmarks., Effective Communication on the vision and goals of the organization and thereafter ensure that the same gets cascaded to the operational level., Prepare the Impact team for any operational and,or structural changes in the short term as well as long term., Ensure succession planning at each level of the function via effective empowerment and delegation., Introduce new perspectives, methodologies and redefine the role of the function from an operational to being strategic partner in the ay,day working of the organization., Inculcate a spirit of healthy competition within the team., Build the academic platform and strengthen the science behind Magic Bus impact areas , Lead initiatives for publication of surveys, research papers etc in reputed media., Ensure that appropriate research is conducted that feeds into developing high quality programmes., Look out for external consulting opportunities and marketing of Magic Bus approach to other organizations., Carry out mandatory quality audit processes to ensure high quality on ground delivery. , Bring systemic change in government policies, schemes or programs through research studies and advocacy., Active contribution to build the conceptual base of the academic platform and strengthen the science behind adolescent and livelihoods program impact areas , Play the role of a Knowledge Manager for Magic Bus, Custodian of preserving historical data and intelligence in the evolution of Magic Bus and establish processes to sustain these knowledge., Be a Brand,ambassador for Magic Bus in various for and enhance connect with bureaucratic as well as other influential bodies.Desired Competencies:, Knowledge research, evaluation and impact assessment across the domains in which Magic Bus operates., Understand basic behavioural change theory and child psychology, Thorough knowledge of various research tools and techniques in the area of curriculum development, Knowledge of conceptualizing and developing curriculum in the domain of Education, Gender, Health, Life Skills, Leadership and Livelihood is desired. (Expertise in minimum 2,3 domain is a must), Experience in training content development and training, Experience in supervising Research and M&E activities, Familiar with social issues like child rights, gender discrimination, education, among othersQualification & Work experience, Post Graduate in Social work or other social sciences relevant to the development sector, 25 years' experience in the social development sector in Impact assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation and change management at the grassroots., Experience reflects engagement with diverse sectoral issues, especially on education, adolescent empowerment and rural development, Experience of having worked with international NGOs would be preferred., Experience of Programme management and stakeholder management would be added advantageTeam coordination1. Regional Programme Management teams , An ongoing collaboration within the team and create a conducive environment for sharing of information constructive criticism and suggestion alongside the regular progress of programmes.2. Sustainability ,Fundraising team , Extend support to the Fundraising teams in creating descriptive as well as narrative reports among other things.3. Communications Team , To develop effective channel for internal as well as external communications, milestones achieved, success stories etc.4. Other support functions , to ensure adequate manpower, fund allocation & accuracy, technology enablement are in place.Reporting To Global Chief Executive Officer Mobility requirements:The role would be based in Magic Bus Head office located in Vikhroli, Mumbai and would be required to travel in line with the requirements of the project , various external stakeholders like government agencies, funders etc. as well as for representing Magic Bus on outside fora if required from time to time.