Lead , Nurturing Strategy,Remarketing Strategy

  • 2-8 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Responsibilities :, Design, analyze, monitor the strategies and campaigns for lead generation and lead nurturing, Design and deploy algorithms to update the prospective customers, database, Identify the opportunity areas and pro,actively communicate with stakeholders, Gather Requirements from Business Stakeholders who will help provide inputs into campaign strategy, Campaign List Creation, Test , Target Group creation, Holdout Samples , Control samples creation, repeatable and optimized scripts using SAS,R,SQL, Collaborate on campaign strategy with Business Stakeholders, Convert strategy into business rules and further into specifications that can be translated into code, Test and learn development, Marketing budget allocation, Digital journey personalization, and building forecasting framework etc.Requirements :, Knowledge of and certifications in programming, R,SQL,SAS,Python, Knowledge of best practices in coding and creating re,usable artifacts, Knowledge of typical marketing campaign activities including but not limited to list creation , lead list generation for traditional campaigns as well as A,B tests, control groups design etc., Knowledge of Banking , Financial Services Industry with preference in lending space(Mortgage, Personal & Education Loans, Credit Cards etc.), preferably Mortgage industry, Knowledge of typical campaign data, application of appropriate filters, ingesting external data etc., Experience in Customer Segmentation , Modelling to identify the right cohort for marketing campaigns, Ability to create recommendations and insights from data for maximizing the conversions , leads , Good knowledge of designing, implementing, and measuring statistically valid experiments (mainly A,B tests), Experience with creating customer 360 using internal and third party data (Experian, CoreLogic, etc), Ability to design the right KPIs for measuring campaign success, Knowledge of marketing channels , traditional (email,SMS,DM etc.) as well as new,age channels (if applicable) such as FB, google, affiliates, Understanding of various elements of marketing campaigns, such as product,channel affinities, contact frequency, creative, optimization algorithms used by FB,Google etc , Ability to communicate and present the results to business stakeholders