Lead , Business Planning,Program Management , Manufacturing,Chemicals

  • 6-10 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Key Accountabilities:1. Assisting CEO in meeting the execution requirements; presenting the business information and proposals in a suitable manner to meet the business objectives. Further Interface with internal and external bodies for the same., Assist CEO in operations, execution and business strategy , Submission of data to BH Office, BRC cell and Chairman's review (Internal stakeholders), Submission of data to DCPC, AMAI, FICCI etc (External stakeholders), Contract Negotiations & Discussions with Argus , IHS, Crisil for data, reports etc, Ensuring timely submission of periodic review reports on business performance against budget of both domestic and chemicals business to the BRC Cell, and Chairman's office., Coordination with the BRC cell, Chairman's office for any data, details, action plans etc required.2. Standardization and Simplification of reports to facilitate informed decision making at the CEOs Office & presenting data analysis to Units to take the right decisions, Standardization of MIS's across all the Units for improvement and simplicity in the reporting structure., Automation of all reports , Providing the required business information to internal concerned functions at Group or Business level for informed decision making3. Driving new digitization initiatives with the business centrally: Further value extraction in Central manufacturing cockpit, Tonner management system, Logistics Cockpit etc. , The business works closely with various stakeholders like external vendors, group IT resources, Group DNA team and internal employees; ensuring the timely completion of project milestones. Assist CEO in preparing roadmap and milestones to help reach desired timelines4. Business Operations Planning (IMM 2.0) , To ensure Maximum technical availability of profitable plants through planned shutdowns, product mix optimization, running low cost plants to the full, & inventory optimization to maximize contribution, Improve plant utilization and reduce Working Capital , Allocation based on Strategic constraints, Contribution margin(CM) insights to help business in right product allocation. , Incorporate grade wise costing in planning which can be shown to CEO on need basis, Hydrogen balance to reduce venting, highlighting units which have high venting rates., Build Model flexibility in terms of scenario building and experimentation5. Program Management , Manage all central programs including regular analysis of what are issues to give directional focus areas to the Management. Eg. , Manufacturing Cockpit, CEOs Premier League , IMM 2.0 , Integrated Manufacturing Management , Logistics Cockpit6. Program Development , Transform CEOs vision for the business into appropriate programs to create self,sustaining programs. This would involve the below work:, Structure: Analytics on past year data: Scenario Analysis, Trend analysis, Points system, Payout structure design, Payout analysis, Self,sustaining model, Target Segment, Products: Analysis to find appropriate conversion for like to like comparison to enable a competitive structure , Integration: of Target segment information lying across multiple sources to have holistic information, Dashboard: Conversion of relevant data into comprehensible analytics and dynamic dashboard, Automation: Interface with IT team to support the program going forward with required features.7. Identify, Evaluate and Propose growth opportunities, Margin Expansion, Volume Growth etc, Actively scout for operational gaps which emerge due to context changes, Process rigidity, Market evolution etc and intimate the Management of the same, Provide assistance to the CEO in articulating the overall strategy and direction for the business over medium,long term (3,5 years)8. New Product Development, Support the strategy team in identifying possible new chlorine derivatives, Conduct primary or secondary research for the product , initiative, Data collection and analysis (e.g. market size trend, pricing trend, opex break,up and trend, availability of raw materials, technology options etc.), Discuss the capex and opex for the proposed project with Technology and Projects team, Development of financial model to ascertain the financial attractiveness and project returns (IRR, Payback period etc.) , Develop a proposal and presentation on the project, for internal review and approval. Participate in various meetings for approval of the project