Junior Procurement Specialist, Colombia Transforma Program, Ocaña, Colombia

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Job Description

Position Summary< b> < p> < p> :

The Junior Procurement Specialist (JPS) is part of the procurement team of Colombia Transforma. The position will be based in Ocaña, Norte de Santander, under the supervision of the procurement specialist (PS). The JPS supports the PS in requesting quotes for purchases, completing the selection matrix, legal documents of suppliers, physical and electronic archiving, coordination of material deliveries to beneficiaries of the program, coordination of logistics under activities, preparation of documents for requests for advances and payments, in coordination with the PS. Oral and written communication skills are required, as well as software and file management experience, knowledge of procurement processes, and recruitment. The position is a fixed term labor contract for one year.< p>

Responsibilities:< b> < p>

  • Provide administrative support for logistics and procurement activities as requested by the program team or the PS and Procurement Manager (PM)< p> < li>

  • Support the Program Team (EP), in obtaining quotations during the structuring phase of the budgets for the Activities< p> < li>

  • Prepare and launch the Request for Proposals, receive the proposals and fill out the selection matrix< p> < li>

  • Document all the processes of request of quotation and to archive all the documents that support it, in electronic means in the folder of each Activity< p> < li>

  • Organize, scan and archive information related to purchases on Transforma server and administrative activities as needed< p> < li>

  • Conduct Verification in Lists (ATVs), suppliers and subcontractors< p> < li>

  • Coordinate with the GS, PS and GA Purchasing requests (ARM's)< p> < li>

  • Help maintain an up to date list of suppliers and subcontractors< p> < li>

  • Effectively serve as liaison between the Program Team (EP) the PS and the finance area team to provide the documentation needed to issue the payments related to the activities< p> < li>

  • Support the tracking of procurement processes to advance in accordance with the implementation plan of each activity< p> < li>

  • Attend field meetings and other meetings and provide note taking support as requested< p> < li>

  • Support in the verification and delivery of materials and equipment to the beneficiaries under agreements in kind< p> < li>

  • Support coordination of activities that require logistics (events, workshops, transportation, food, lodging)< p> < li>

  • Assist with special projects and tasks in support of PS, EP and other members of the procurement team, as needed< p> < li>

  • Any other duty that the PS or PM may determine< p> < li>

  • Maintain absolute discretion and professionalism regarding all confidential matters related to the performance of their duties< p> < li>

  • Develop and maintain cordial, open professional relationships with other members of the field program team< p> < li>

  • Arrange travel at local or national level as required< p> < li>

  • Track the status of all executed and running processes< p> < li>

    Qualifications:< b> < p>

  • Administration professional or current undergraduate studying business administration or other related discipline< p> < li>

  • Minimum of two years of experience working with procurements and or administrative processes is required< p> < li>

  • Skills in using Excel and Word< p> < li>

  • Ability to keep in execution and control several processes and or simultaneous activities< p> < li>

  • Experience working in remote and complex areas< p> < li>

  • Communication skills are required as well as: a) proactive problem solving skills independently and with teams, b) a strong service orientation, and c) adaptation to change and emotional intelligence< p> < li>

  • Disposition to follow instructions and procedures< p> < li>

  • Preferred English language skills, but not mandatory< p> < li>