Job Description

The position holder shall be responsible for creating new FOS channel sales partners and for growing existing channel partners from a perspective of driving paid supplier acquisition.1. Creating multiple channel sales partners for sales of paid subscription packages via FOS model, basis defined SOP's , SLA's , pricing models.2. Ensuring team hiring at level of Area Manager for key locations as well as across all levels under Area Manager to ensure budgeted numbers.3. Maintaining regular connects to ensure overcoming day,to,day challenges.4. Due training & handholding of all stakeholders to ensure proper flow of product,process knowledge, week,on,week for all new joiner, as well as via monthly refreshers (including on new product development).5. Close tracking and monitoring on input KPIs (such as Data and Hot Leads) to help improve productivity.6. Responsible for evaluating Area Manager,Channel's performance with key metrics (# of Meetings per Day, Hot Lead Conversion%, Leakage% etc.) on routine basis to ensure optimized productivity as well as ensuring minimum leakage.7. Timely payout after due diligence.8. Alignment as well as loop,back to product and data team to help improve on enables to improve quality, productivity and over,all process efficiency.9. Prepare reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly etc.) for different departments or Senior management.Knowledge & Skills :1. Hands on experience in building channel partners and in leading large team in Sales Acquisition Processes.2. Build Rapport with team via consultative sales approach.3. Strong listening, questioning and networking skills.4. Report management , analysis , alignment skills.Experience :Total Sales experience in Key Industries like Telecom, BFSI, New Age Industries etc. with min 2 year in building ,managing channel partners with reasonable large FOS sales teams under them