Job Description

Key Responsibilities:Incumbent has to provide insights by doing following:1. 1:1 connects2. Innovative group connects such as HR kiosks, skip levels and the like3. Acting on inputs from early warning tools such as AMBER (which is a AI based BOT used to gauge pulse of employees)4. Talking to employees whose performance has reduced to understand reasons and provide help5. Sharing the insights with the sales managers and helping sales managers to do things to address the BDAs concerns (including modifying their management style and approach)6. Directly acting on BDAs concerns in cases the concerns are not related to manager behaviors7. Once in 2 weeks, the HR BP (this position) has to evaluate the 15 sales managers in their unit on 'team culture' ability. There is a standard report card for this. The HR BP has to ensure that he,she daily meets quite a number of BDAs to gather enough information and insights to do this activity so that the rating is seen as both credible and heeling them to improve for the next fortnight by the sales manage8. Maintaining and completing daily reports on how many BDAs did they speak to, capturing insights and suggested actions to be taken.