General Accounting Role , Treasury , BFSI

  • 3-8 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

, Monitor Cash Balances , Treasury accountants monitor daily cash balances and determine cash requirements needed to cover losses and payments., Check Invoices, Treasury accountants verify that invoices have been paid., Verify Paperwork, Treasury accountants verify accounts receivable paperwork to balance accounts and ensure that all figures match payment information., Gather Year,End Information, Treasury accountants gather and compile all year,end financial data to audit figures and determine various financial trends., Prepare Forecasts, Treasury accountants design forecasts predicting the company's financial future and current financial trends., Write Financial Data Reports, Treasury accountants write regular reports based on financial data showing incoming and outgoing figures, as well as other relevant information., Manage Investments, Treasury accountants manage investment accounts and create detailed reports showing gains and losses.