Full-Stack Software Engineer II, SeedInvest

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Job Description

Circle is a global financial technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to harness the power of digital currency and public blockchains for payments, commerce, and financial applications worldwide. Circle’s platforms and products provide a suite of internet-native financial services for payments, treasury infrastructure, and capital formation. Circle is also a principal developer of USD Coin (USDC), which has become the fastest growing dollar digital currency in the world. USDC has grown to over 23 billion in circulation and supported over $640B in transactions in the past year. Circle’s payments and treasury infrastructure services available through the Circle Account and APIs help bridge the legacy financial system with digital currency and blockchain based finance. Circle’s SeedInvest service brings internet-native fundraising and capital formation to startups and growth companies. Combined, Circle’s suite of services helps companies to participate in a more open, global, and inclusive financial system.

Circle's SeedInvest service is the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the U.S., offering a two-sided marketplace for issuers and investors and enabling internet-native private capital markets to grow and flourish. SeedInvest dramatically changes the way private companies can raise capital and offers investors direct access to seed and growth stage private companies. SeedInvest supports a rapidly growing marketplace of ~500,000+ investors and hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups, deploying over $300 million into nearly 250 startups across a wide range of sectors, stages, and geographies.

What you’ll be part of:

With the mission “To raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value,” Circle was founded on the belief that the internet, blockchains, and digital currency will rewire the global economic system, creating a fundamentally more open, inclusive, efficient, and integrated world economy. We envision a global economy where people and businesses everywhere can more freely connect and transact with each other with new technologies for digital money and internet-native finance. We believe such a system can raise prosperity for people and companies everywhere. Our mission is powered by the values we espouse and which we expect all Circlers to respect. We are Multistakeholder, serving the needs of our customers, our shareholders, our employees and families, our local communities, and our world. Furthermore, we are also Mindful, Driven by Excellence, and High Integrity.

What you’ll be responsible for:

As a Full Stack Software Engineer for SeedInvest at Circle, you will directly contribute to projects for user friendly products for our customers -- 1) investors, 2) founders and startups, and 3) internal users at SeedInvest -- across our entire technology stack. These products will range from onboarding, investing, portfolio, and shareholder management products to settlement tools, internal APIs, and development infrastructure.

What you’ll work on:

  • Building and being involved with the design and planning of our web application to help founders and investors on our platform

  • Improving our current products to make them faster and even more user friendly

  • Learning to quickly move easily across our entire stack to build and work on robust webapps on AWS

  • Collaborating closely with SeedInvest’s founders and business teams to solve complex problems

You will aspire to our four core values:

  • Multistakeholder - you have dedication and commitment to our customers, shareholders, employees, and families and local communities.

  • Mindful - you seek to be respectful, an active listener and to pay attention to detail.

  • Driven by Excellence - you are driven by our mission and our passion for customer success which means you relentlessly pursue excellence, that you do not tolerate mediocrity, and you work intensely to achieve your goals.

  • High Integrity - you seek open and honest communication, and you hold yourself to very high moral and ethical standards. You reject manipulation, dishonesty, and intolerance.

What you'll bring to Circle:

  • Proficiency in Google Suite, Slack, and Macbook preferred

  • 2 or more years of experience with software engineering

  • Passion to learn about the technologies you use and take the initiate to dive in and learn more when you are unsure

  • Ownership of your work and continuously want to improve the products you've built

  • A deep passion for startups and entrepreneurship

  • An interest in working cross-functionality and building products vs. only writing code

  • Ability to work very well cross-functionally in a flat startup

Extra credit if:

  • Previous experience working in fin-tech

  • Previous experience working in a highly regulated environment 

  • Previous experience working at or founded a high-growth startup

  • Expertise in AWS, Python/Django, Angular, VueJs, or React

Location: While our HQ is the internet, ideally this candidate is based in the East Coast time zone. Candidates should be aware that the majority of the team is based in the NYC area and that the workday is scheduled around the East Coast time zone.

More about SeedInvest:

SeedInvest is the creator of, a venture/startup equity investment platform, and aims to be the largest online private capital marketplace in the world. SeedInvest believes that private markets should not be closed, opaque, and accessible only by a wealthy few, but by all entrepreneurs and investors regardless of geography, access, demographics, or background. SeedInvest was instrumental in the passage of the 2012 JOBS Act, which changed 80-year-old U.S. securities laws to make it possible for entrepreneurs to raise capital over the Internet, and has since worked actively with the SEC and other regulators to re-invent the legacy investment banking and private capital market rails that have remained unchanged for nearly a century. SeedInvest is in the early innings of having “a bit of private investment” in everyone’s investment portfolio and believes its growing suite of products will give rise to a new generation of investors and startups that will participate in a vibrant, liquid, and accessible private capital market unlike ever before.

More about Engineering at SeedInvest:

The engineering team’s overarching mission is to build a top-class suite of products and experiences for the new wave of private capital investors and companies. Our entire engineering team is able to run full-stack across product responsibilities with a core responsibility/emphasis on engineering (tech ops, infrastructure, back-end, front-end) and active contribution to product management and design.

Our core stack currently consists of:

  • Angular/Vue

  • Django/Python

  • AWS

We launch products in regular releases and iterate quickly.

  • We work in collaborative pods of 2-5 engineers.

  • We have daily standups.

  • We keep 1 engineer on-call each week.

  • We have monthly retrospectives and are continuously improving documentation.

  • All pull requests are subject to code review.

  • We deploy multiple times per week.

While we keep longer-term roadmaps iterative, the following are several initiatives we are focused on exploring in 2021-2022 based on company-wide strategy:

  • Scale our engineering organization

  • Architect new demand generation pipeline and tooling to scale dealflow on marketplace

  • Automate investment settlement and compliance

  • Rearchitect core investment platform services as scalable foundation for product expansion

  • Build internal and issuer-facing retail distribution tooling and services for fundraising campaigns

  • Build an investor facing mobile application

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at Circle. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.