Fractal Analytics Big Data Technology Architect

  • 9-15 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

About Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics believe analytics is critical to develop a deep understanding of consumers and earn customer loyalty, and make better data informed decisions. Leading global companies partner with Fractal Analytics to build breakthrough analytics solutions, set up analytical centers of excellence, and institutionalize data driven decisioning.

We help businesses

a) Understand, predict and shape consumer behavior through advanced analytics

b) Improve effectiveness of marketing, pricing and supply chain management

c) Harmonize data, tell visual stories and forecast business performance.

We are the most global analytics provider in the world serving Fortune 500 companies in CPG, financial services, insurance, retail, technology and life sciences in over 150 countries. We have offices in San Mateo, New Jersey, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Dubai.

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Brief Background on the profile

We are a 600 person company having the widest global footprint among analytics providers and we have deep understanding of data handling and consumer behavior in over 150 countries. We specialize in consumer goods, retail, financial services, insurance and technology verticals. We work across a spectrum of reporting dashboards, advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

We have grown on a very fast pace and plan to double our headcount to 1200 over the next year. Our world revolves around our capability to handle data variety and volumes. Both these are changing very rapidly.

So we have formed a small core team whose mandate is to set up a platform infrastructure capable of handling the 3 V's volume, velocity and variety of data. The goal of this team is to set up a platform that is capable of processing up to 1000 TB of data.

We need to find answers to the following questions

How would we handle this volume

What algorithms would be required for processing this data size

How would the insights generated from this data be consumed by our clients

Encryption, Security, Data Transfer issues etc are some more parameters that need to be worked out

We need operationally robust systems and processes to keep up with this pace of growth, and the data should get updated on a real time basis.

The person we are looking at for this role will be part of this team.

Job Description

Build the Big Data infrastructure to store and process hundreds of terabytes of data

Understand the business need what kind of data, how much data, types of algorithms to be run, system scaling needs, budget etc. and recommend optimal solutions

Work with senior business leaders to build consensus around the solutions you would be part of the core team that builds up the Big Data vision for Fractal.

Build and implement the platform. This will need you to be hands on to build in quick prototypes proof of concepts and data processing benchmarks.

Work with the operations team to build systems, processes and teams required to run and maintain the systems securely, reliably and in a scalable manner.

Educate the organization on how to efficiently and effectively use the infrastructure

The platform that is built should be capable of implementing different software algorithms developed by Fractal Sciences (Fractal's IP modules) on this infrastructure in a seamless manner.

Create out of the box solutions to enable business team to cope with unexpected client demands.

Required technical skills

Good understanding of

Data infrastructure & tools landscape e.g. cloud service providers, virtualization software, system monitoring tools and development environments

Be hands on variety of skills to build proofs of concept prototypes to test your ideas.

Understanding of the Amazon Web Services environment and offerings.

Big Data system administration & software management

Good understanding of access control, privacy and data security management in context of stringent requirements of American companies

Ability to program and guide junior team members on technical aspects

Ability to craft documents that can explain complex ideas in simple terms in order to build consensus or educate.