EY , Associate Director , ESG

  • 12-18 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

, Environmental assessments, Indian, Global firm audit, Sustainability projects, carbon footprint, CSR, Sustainability, responsible sourcing setting up the prac, execution & delivery, climate change & sustainability, Total 12 + yrs. of experience working with at least 6 ,7 years of experience working in ESG and sustainable finance with global exposure , Set up a team of ESG analysts, researchers and ESG Analytics professionals , Thought leadership, research, exploring the business or macro,economic cases for ESG analysis and service offerings, Conduct ESG due diligence to select investment opportunities and service offerings in ESG space, Good understanding of ESG principles, plans and issues adopted in the sustainable finance, investment decision,making process and ESG governance framework., In depth analysis of ESG and global trends, specifically in BFSI, impact themes, its market potential and metrics that can be used to measure and report, Work closely with Member firm partners for planning and executing the strategic initiatives, Engage with global partners for creating value and alignment with strategic goals., Sustainability research and analysis of companies across multiple sectors on ESG indicators , Expertise in setting up the Center of excellence for ESG , Accountable for revenue growth team expansion, Extracting information on Economic Activity Quantification and Business segmentation, Capability building based on the key ESG trends, development of in,house tools and accelerators to support the same, Collaboration with global team to support the implementation of client commitment to ESG integration in investment process, Documenting the best practices in ESG service offering and creating he relevant collaterals, Expertise in developing reports and evaluations across sectors, Research and analysis of companies across multiple sectors on ESG indicators including financial risk, corporate governance, environmental and social performance , Analyze and measure factors in business models, products and services that enable long term environmental and social impact returns, Apply proprietary screening tools to select investment opportunities and assess companies form an impact angle, Expertise on CSA framework and ESG benchmarking and reporting, Ensure & deliver desired quality levels across global engagements