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Job Description

The main responsibilities of the Expediter (Expo) are as follows:
• Plan and manage the order flow
• Make sure all orders are prepared in time
• Ensure all orders are complete and accurate
• Assist and manage the final preparation of different food and dishes
• Control and oversee dishes before they leave the kitchen window
• Ensure adherence to all relevant quality and sanitation rules and regulations
• Provide assistance in cleaning activities: tables, food trays, silverware, and plateware
• Serve as a contact point for the kitchen and guests
• Take care of guests with special needs and requests
• Ensure excellent guest service
• Ensure all To Go and OLO orders are built correctly and double checked
• Execute a variety of different tasks as needed in accordance with Manager requests and directions

Reports to:
Owners/Operating Partners, General Manager, and other members of the Management Team

Basic Job Tasks

• Make sure your workstation is clean and organized
• Trays are clean of any food debris and do not have a foul odor. If needed, run through dish machine and
dry completely before stacking in pass thru
• Silverware and caddy are clean and free from food debris and water spots; polish if necessary
• Ensure you have your red sanitation bucket filled with proper PPM sanitation solution
• Ensure sanitation towel is clean and submerged in sanitation solution
• Check kitchen printer is stocked with paper, clean, and functioning properly
• Check pagers (if applicable) to ensure they are clean, charged and functioning
• Ensure your station is stocked with cutlery kits, Butt Burnin’ Sauce packets, honey, paper bags, and Dot-It
stickers where applicable
• Ensure each order is complete and accurate
• Ensure food is presented to Fuzzy’s standards
• Ensure food is at proper temperature, and all quality indicators are met
• Ensure ticket times are reasonable (6 to 8 minutes)
• Ensure that plateware is clean and free of spills and drips
• Greet guests with a smile, confirm which order is theirs, take their pager, put in pager tower, hand tray to
guest, and either inform them where the silverware is, or have the silverware already on tray
• Be the point of contact for the guest to communicate any special requests or instructions they may have
• Ensure appetizer tickets brought to you are called out to kitchen and instruct guest where they will be
placed or deliver to guest if time permits
• During slow times check dining room, check on guests, inquire on their satisfaction, offer additional items
to upsell, provide To Go containers, bus tables, clean trays, check trash receptacles, silverware caddies,
tea/coffee urns, ice in drinks station, and restock as necessary
• Ensure all To Go and OLO orders are correct and complete with cutlery kits, sauce packets, honey, etc.;
check off each item on ticket with a marker and initial
PandoLogic. Keywords: Expediter, Location: Valley Park, MO - 63088

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