Director , Operations , eCommerce Startup

  • 5-20 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Department,Director OperationsFull Time :This role is for an experienced professional, willing to take a seat on the rocket ship that has already launched. We are an e,commerce brand acquirer, and all our operations are focused on marketplace first businesses. The candidate selected for this role will work to ensure the conglomerate's portfolio brands are growing aggressively and we beat market standards of what is truly explosive. This is a demanding role but since you are still reading this job description, we have concluded you love a good challenge!The candidate will function as an intrapreneur and will be the P&L owner. The role requires the candidate to deliver deep insights and execute, collaborating with the shared services team.This journey is all about taking our acquired brand from 1x to 10x in 36 months, while maintaining healthy margins. The acquisition happens at the very beginning of their boom, so a strong empathy towards the sellers and an ability to work through the chaos of their early build is a very important aspect of this role.Responsibilities:, This role is that of a multi,tasker , every action you take has a significant consequence., Action is a part of your DNA, you have the heart of a doer. There is no other way this will work., You will work alongside team members of the acquired businesses, and will have to have deep empathy for cross,functional teams., Since this is an early,stage business, you will need to focus on finding solutions., Building a culture to stay ahead of the curve will be expected from the beginning.Requirements:, Operations with a consumer,first business., Operations at an early stage start,up qualifies too., Experience with warehousing and distribution teams will be a plus., Understands what building truly means and is a team player., Always looking for growth and a never,settle attitude., We love entrepreneurs , so if you are one, no qualification is too little, feel free to drop us a line.