Deputy General Manager Operations Publishing

  • 10-15 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

Our Client

It is a publishing technology and services company based in Chennai, India. Founded in 1998, It today serves some of the world leaders in STM publishing like Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, eLife, Royal Society of Chemistry across time zones from Australia to North America, specialising in Roman script composition and XML first production processes.

Technology and innovation led, It is a global leader in niche aspects of STM publishing. Proof Central, the company's proofing platform, is fast replacing PDF proofing processes, and is used by nearly a fourth of all STM journals globally. This transformational technology, first rolled out in October 2012, has received widespread acceptance and acclaim among end users, the authors. It eliminates errors that are inevitable in the content integration process after PDF annotation, contributing substantially to publishers credibility, and cuts both process time and costs. It expects to leverage the underlying principles of this technology to other areas of STM publishing and beyond.

Job Description is given below

Deputy General Manager Operations


Candidates who are outside the Publishing Business, who can bring a new perspective to the business

Graduation in Engineering (Preferably from a premier school)& MBA

Experience in Scaling up businesses

Skill Sets in Operations, Six Sigma, Change management, Process re engineering, Process improvement

10+ years of experience

Short Term Goals

Reduce Revenue leakages

Improve Operation Efficiency

Improving Profitability

Long Term Goals

Be a Change Agent

Focus on Software Development

Move from People Driven to Software Technology Driven operations

Exploring new Business areas (B2B & B2C)

Focus on Cost Arbitration models, Hub & Spoke model Setup new delivery centres Tier2 3 cities