Dean , Academic , Education

  • 15-25 yrs
  • Not Disclosed

Job Description

For the Institute :, Provide leadership in a broad range of institutional discussions and decision making, to maintain perspective on the entire range of education and research on our worldclass diverse campus, including different kinds of service, different academic programs and externally and internally supported research., Foster an institutional attitude and department,College climate that promotes a collegial environment and excellence including engaging faculty, staff and students in discussions of all important collegiate issues and assuring a positive, high,quality working environment, Represent and promote the College both internally and externally including fundraising, alumni relations, economic development, political priorities (federal and state) and public relations Raising private funds for scholarships, professorships, programs, facilities and other college needs, normally spending 40 percent of his time on such activities, Implement academic policies established by the University and College., Request a budget for the college and departments with appropriate justification; once budget is approved, monitor and allocate funds from the budget., Be responsible for ensuring all accreditation criteria is being met for their programs and seeking out accreditation for new programs., Review and approve all College curricular requests and coordinate instruction, ensuring programs meet state and accreditation standards., Ensure completion of assessment for all curricular majors., Commit to and support the development of diversity on the campus., Demonstrate high participation in all levels of the assessment process. Monitor and distribute assessment data appropriately and use results in annual planning process., Ensure compliance with State and college or program,level accreditation standards as well as appropriate National regulations, where applicable., Perform other duties as assigned by the FounderLeadership:, Provide leadership in the area of faculty development and professional growth., Develop Policies and ProceduresD