Customer Loyalty Executive

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Job Description

Position: Customer Loyalty Executive
Work location: Regional HQ.
Reporting Manager: Regional Business Manager
Description of the role:
The Customer Loyalty Executive  will be leading the efforts and processes related to collections of our Sun King Easybuy products in the field. He/she will be giving advice and suggestions on how to improve customer payments and satisfaction while able to ensure that the Company offer matches end users expectations. The position will be based in the region with 80-90% of time spent in field related activities working directly with Field Agents and Customers.
The role holder will have two reporting lines, direct reporting (administratively) to the Regional Business Manager and a dotted reporting (functionally) to the Credit Managers in the Risk Team. The CLE is also expected to support in driving the proper implementation and full adherence of credit/collection/fraud/tampering policies at the field level.

Essential responsibilities: 

Analyse regional portfolio and repayment trends provided and lay down daily, weekly, monthly strategies to drive better collection rates from delinquent customers
Mystery market visits confirm the quality of sales and obtain different insights from different areas to enhance strategic direction to mitigate challenges of disabled lamps and repayments.
Provide a weekly update to Sales and Risk Leadership teams on field interventions performed and results achieved, along with customer insights. Design, pilot and operationalize collection processes necessary for ensuring better repayments and customer satisfaction.
Work with Area Business Managers and Energy Officers to repossess products from delinquent customers on cases where direct intervention is required.
Report any cases of product tampering observed in the field through the process and mechanism established by the Risk team. 
Facilitate reporting and actions to be taken against those perpetrating fraudulent practices in the field, such as product tampering, misinformed sales done by agents etc., as per the processes laid out by the Risk function.  
Provide training to Agents (Energy Officers) on dealing with repossessions and difficult customer collection issues. 
Drive operating rhythm to follow-up with Agents (Field Officers) to ensure they are completing their collection calls and repossession tasks on time.
Recruit cash collection centres and setup for the key collection area. 

Key Result Areas

Intervene in the field where the collection score is <55 (below average). Track outcome of the  interventions, report and drive resolutions. 
To make sure voluntary repossessions become standard practice in the field with spontaneous repossession and assisted repossessions are reduced to the most difficult cases of tampering
Driving Kazi app awareness, effectiveness and understanding in the field (follow up and manage 90% of the Kazi calls)Update area/regional leadership on collection & repossession exposures, weekly.
Support in ensuring Zero First Pay Default rates (First Pay Defaults, are customers who make only the down-payment and never make any further payments)
Update area/regional leadership on collection exposures, weekly through follow-up payments aligns to targets set for each region.

Qualifications / Requirements 

Bachelor Degree/Higher Diploma related to Finance, Community Development, Communication, Credit Risk Management or related fields

At least 3 years of work experience in a similar position with field experience and working with rural customers.
Passionate about working in the field to drive collections, resolving issues and enhancing customer experience.  
Strong experience from Microfinance/banking underground on Credit Collections is preferred.
Must have good analytical, communication & interpersonal skills

Desired Characteristics 

Excellent interpersonal skills. 
Clear and straight to the point communication skills with fluency in english.
Clear thinking/problem solving ability
Passionate about working with rural customers & resolve customer issues 
Excellent attention to details
Excellent issue-tracking and resolution skills
Able to handle multiple tasks at the same time diligently and accurately.
Work with multiple sales teams and cross-functional teams seamlessly.