Curriculum Developer

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Job Description

Job Responsibilities:
1. Thorough knowledge of the Documents prescribed by the govt. bodies as it applies to primary education for teachers and students.
2. Should be able to Research and analyze resources to create and write a proficient English programme for Grades 1 to 5
3. Proactively take initiative and come up with various ideas to create an interactive syllabus
4. Create parallel trainings and instructional videos for the teachers in sync with the curriculum
5. Assess and discuss curriculum standards followed by different countries and boards
6. Create assessments for the Language program keeping the developmental milestones in mind

Desirable requirements:
1. 3+ years of experience in Primary grades
2. Expertise in English subject for grades 1 to 5
3. Inclination towards extensive curriculum planning/teaching.
4. A strong command of spoken and written English.
5. Robust knowledge of the most recent relevant policies, regulations, theories and practices

Educational Qualifications:
B.Ed/M.Ed (English)