Job Description

We are hiring a counselor for our client company which is a leader in the ed,tech industry.JOB RESPONSIBILITIES1. Helps clients identify personal interests and life goals.2. Assists clients in planning strategic career moves and developing leadership skills.3. Finds new employment opportunities for clients.4. Helps clients write resumes and letters to prospective employers.5. Assists clients with job search skills, making contact with prospective employers, and completing job applications.6. Advises students on courses to take in high school and college to prepare for a particular career.7. Helps students locate financial aid and other funding to pay for their educations.KEY REQUIREMENTS1. Bachelors, master's degree in Psychology or Counseling.2. 3,10 years of experience in Career Counselling3. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.4. Strong problem solving and decision making skills are important.5. Strong computer skills and knowledge of designing spreadsheets and maintaining databases is a plus.